Raji: “Ancient Epic” is an unusual thing-a console-quality game made in India, centered on Indian culture and led by an Indian studio.Pune-based Nodding Heads Games debuts Raj, This is an adventurous logging platform game inspired by Indian mythology. Following this teenage boy, with the help of the Hindu goddess and gods such as Durga and Vishnu, she plays a series of otherworldly Fight against a series of demons in an environment.

It has been around for a long time-we talked to game designer Avichal Singh at the end of 2017, when it was unveiled on Kickstarter and was originally scheduled to be released in mid-2019-but eventually it will be available exclusively on Nintendo Switch in due course, And will be launched soon on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Great charm Raj It is its unique visual, auditory and scripted landscape, which is due to its Indian ancestry, partly because it is rarely depicted on the screen in the video game field.We especially like RajBackground music score and sound design, which incorporates local folk musical instruments, such as Sitar (Neck Bowl Pipa), Tabla (Two-hand drum), Ban suri (Playing flute sideways), Ravanahata (Bowstring violin) and Raji decorations salary (Anklet).

Plus the woven Indian mythology Raj, As part of the core narrative of the game, or painted as a mural, explained through reflection on memory, RajThe narrator, the goddess of war Durga and the protector of Vishnu, contains many intricate details. Raj Become a gateway to introduce Indian mythology to new generations and audiences.

But when making it accessible, Raj Some authenticity is lost. The game mainly uses English and a small amount of Hindi.There is no Hindi option even for subtitles Raj Provides things like Spanish, French, Korean, Russian and Mandarin. But this is understandable from a business perspective.The (non-mobile) gaming market outside India is stronger, which is why Raj For an international audience.

In view of the prevalence of Indian English and the target audience it targets-currently limited to the Switch, consoles that are not officially on sale here, and the fact that the game is priced at $25 (approximately Rs 1,900)- Raj It can be easily solved with only English.The bigger problem is the lack of polishing in some departments, but Raj It is still a big effort.

Raj First introduce two orphans, the circus performer Raji (telled by Alka Sharma) and her young storytelling brother Golu (also known as Sharma). On the day of Raksha Bandhan, this is a festival to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters , The brothers promised to protect their brothers and sisters. sisters. However, in the feminist proceedings, it is Elder Raji, whose brother must rescue his brother after telling his story to make a living.Puppets were deployed at the opening ceremony and subsequent editing scenes to portray various characters, which in turn emphasized poetically RajConnection with Indian folk art.

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This cultural connection is Raj’s Inspired mini puzzle Mandala -Geometric works have become part of Hinduism and other religions around the world-and have helped develop a sibling relationship that is only a few minutes away from the beginning. Other problems require you to pay attention to the environment, not the problem itself. As game mechanics, these elements are a much-needed breakthrough between battles.

Speaking of fighting Raj Let you fight various monsters, the design of these monsters also attracted Indian mythology. There are huge and heavy beasts with giant clubs as weapons. There are fast-moving money-like creatures who want to bite your head.Others fire bile-filled projectiles, capable of flying or shaped like Chakras There is an eye in the middle.

As you travel through the new world, the enemies you encounter in Raj will change, although some enemies will cross the world. When Raji chases the demon to free the Golu, you will start with a temple in Sharma, which is inspired by royal Rajasthani architecture. The second world “Hiranya Nagari” is intended to be dedicated to Vishnu (Sourin Chaudhari) himself and revolves around lotus flowers and water. The world of Durga is burnt through, made of deformed rocks and feels inhospitable, while Hiranya Nagari is elegant, beautiful and peaceful with its cool color palette and design beauty.

As you and Raji enter a new world, you will also receive new elemental powers and weapons from the gods. Thanks to Durga, you start to have Trishul and lightning abilities, and Vishnu later grants firepower and ranged weapons.

Raj’s weapons and power can also be upgraded.No exploration of the open world Raj, But you should explore all areas. repeatedly, Raj Will leave you at the T-junction. One of the paths will push the game forward, and the other path will come to an end. However, the latter can usually give you access to colored spheres to restore health, increase pampering with gods, or can be used for the above upgrades.

Durga provides you with lightning chains, electrocution and electric bolts, while Vishnu can cause you to burn, connect fireballs or drop meteors on the battlefield. You can increase the probability of these attacks by distributing balls. But they are not permanently used and can be redistributed at any time.

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Raj deals area damage in “Raj: Ancient Epic”
Image Source: Nodding Game

Although the weapons and power bestowed by the gods constituted her offensive methods, Raji relied on her outstanding acrobatic athletic ability and time spent in the circus to further supplement this. It quietly proved how she could cross the canyon, cling to and swing around the pole, and climb the wall. The game will provide some mechanical principles tutorials every time you need it, showing you how to combine movement and attack to create multiple combos, such as overturning the wall or causing regional damage to Trishul as in The Matrix (somewhat like Aquaman).

When you don’t use it explicitly, Raji’s flexibility will even appear in the attack. Hitting the same attack button multiple times, Raji will jump, churn and pounce on herself to maximize the distance, allowing her to dodge the enemy’s attack while making her own attacks.

Although Raj is agile and powerful, Raj is very dependent on the scenery around her. There is no wall to stretch and telegraph poles cannot swing, her attack ability is not so strong. And, at least for the first few hours, she had very little work in the defense department, which meant that it became more important to give priority to avoiding or stopping enemy fire.

This is especially true when the boss fights, which requires you to develop more strategic plans: determine the opponent’s model, maintain your health at all costs, find out the attack solution, and execute it perfectly. Otherwise, you will stare at death over and over again. And you cannot escape any battle.Every time you encounter an enemy Raj Lock you within an imaginary boundary, and you cannot leave until you win.

The place where the game fails is the graphics department.For example, all stairs Raj Composed of fairly large polygons. Raji couldn’t put his foot on a single step, but felt like he was sliding down. What’s more annoying is that Raj’s face itself is a huge polygon without any details. Some environments are actually saturated and/or dark. Even when the full brightness switch is turned on, it is difficult for me to see where I am going. Playing it on TV did not make it easier.

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Although the graphic fidelity is moderate, Raj In a heavy environment, the game sometimes lags behind the game, so it is not always smooth. We also encountered some bugs that put us in a dilemma and were forced to reload the saved slots, which caused the game to crash. Part of the reason is due to the functionality of the Switch, as we can spend a few hours on Xbox One to demonstrate this.

The epic visual effects of Rajgu

An Object in Raj’s Indian Mythology: Ancient Epic
Image Source: Nodding Game

These are all signs of the aforementioned lack of Polish. RajThis is also obvious in the selection and positioning of voice performances. However, in order to make the first appearance of the effort-Nodding Heads Games (Nodding Heads Games) cooperated with the international team, but this is their creativity, but also their forefront-proved that through the right push Indian studio can provide large game consoles Games without being trapped in free games, play the mobile chaos that dominates Indian game development.

This also proves that India can contribute to the game industry from its rich culture through its correct vision. Durga and Vishnu are both supervising Raji, but the latter is skeptical and wants to know if he is capable, while the former firmly believes in her. The very goddess created by the defeated alliance of gods is the last resort against the omnipotent demons.

In a patriarchal society where religion is often distorted to serve misogyny, developers praised teenage girls for praying to ridiculous characters and praying to goddesses and were praised by feminists. Raji is not only a conscientious Durga devotee, but also a devotee of her own abilities, as she hops around in her Indian dress and revels demonicly as she slaughters them. The game named after her is a true feminist fable.


  • Lovely background sheet music, sound design
  • Visual impact and details
  • The Narrative Clues of Indian Mythology
  • Feminist Fable


  • English voice performance will affect authenticity
  • Fighting is not innovative in type
  • Low graphics fidelity
  • Sometimes it lags on the switch

Rating (out of 10 points): 7

Raji: “Ancient Epic” is now available on Nintedo Switch and will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in the third quarter of 2020. Spend $25 on Nintendo eShop.

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