PUBG Corporation, the developer and publisher of the popular Battle Royale game PUBG, has listed a position on LinkedIn to hire a deputy manager in India. The company’s new recruitment is exciting because many people may think it will lead to a comeback of PUBG Mobile, which was banned by the government at the beginning of last month. However, job posting does not necessarily mean that PUBG Mobile will return soon.

According to the position on LinkedIn as “Business Development Manager”, PUBG Corporation is looking for a person to develop an overall strategy for mergers and acquisitions and investments in the Indian market. The role also requires candidates to support PUBG India’s setup process under the guidance of Krafton Korea headquarters.

Some people think this is a sign of PUBG Mobile’s comeback in India. However, as the technology blog FossBytes originally pointed out, the job descriptions in the online list only mention PUBG, not PUBG Mobile.

It is important to note that even though the government banned PUBG Mobile in the country last month, PUBG, which is available on both PCs and game consoles, can still be downloaded and played on all compatible platforms. Therefore, by hiring a new manager, PUBG Corporation may wish to strengthen the existence of its original game rather than its mobile version.

Game makers can also use these new talents to invest in the country’s growing e-sports sector, but again, it’s not necessarily in the mobile sector. Gadget 360 has sent an email to the company to learn more about the work this new employee will do, and we will update the article when we listen back.

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