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PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3 brings a new holiday mode, skill armbands, gameplay improvements, and more

PUBG Mobile patch 1.3 has been released, which brings a new holiday mode to celebrate the anniversary of the game. The new mode is called Hundred Rhythm and will be set in the Erangel map. Players will be able to participate in the festival using musical armbands with three unique skills. Patch 1.3 also brings new weapons to the mobile version of PUBG, and has made some improvements in performance. PUBG Mobile Royal Pass Season 18 (called “Hundred Rhythm”) will begin on March 17.

PUBG Mobile’s official patch notes stated that Android and iOS players started to receive updates on March 9th, with an update size of 640MB for Android users and 1.55GB for iOS users. The PUBG team stated that the server will not be taken offline for updates.

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3 Change Log

PUBG Mobile has acquired a new “Hundred Rhythm” mode, which can only be played in Erangel. Players will get an armband that allows them to choose one of three skills on the spawning island. Skills include “Guardian Armband”, “Reconnaissance Armband” and “Camouflage Armband”. These cards can be upgraded by collecting the card belts in the map. These armbands have one active skill and two passive skills respectively. The guardian armband can create a barrier to reduce the damage caused by bullets. The reconnaissance armband allows the player to throw a scanning device that can scan and mark enemies. The camouflage armband allows players to change their outfits into Ghillie suits for a limited time, concealing weapons and backpacks.

There will be three electronic music squares, one on the spawn island and the other on Erangel, where players can listen to dance music. The PUBG Mobile update also brings a Joker shop vehicle that allows players to exchange Joker tokens to fight supplies and special items. The clown’s skills will be added starting March 31.

The latest chapter of the PUBG mobile version, “Royal Metro: Revealed” will be launched on March 9. There will be new rewards, elite enemies can be randomly generated on the map, robot enemies become smarter, the Tikehar rifle will be removed, and some weapon balance adjustments will be made. After the update is released, players will be able to play the powerful armor mode every Friday to Sunday. A new sniper rifle called Mosin-Nagant and a new vehicle called Motor Glider have been added to the game.

According to the official change log, PUBG Mobile’s Royale Pass season 18 will start on March 17 and will bring dual-level rewards, “some special guests will also appear.” There is a violin music collection and a Kar98K skin for players ranked 100.

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.3 also brings performance improvements, security improvements and system improvements. MSAA and HDR issues on iOS 14.3 have been fixed, machine learning algorithms have been added to filter suspicious player behavior, and graphics rendering has been improved among other changes.

PUBG Mobile is still banned in India, but the publisher Krafton seems to be in contact with the Indian government to take it back. A new version of the game, PUBG: New State, was also recently released, but it has not yet been pre-registered in India because the publisher said it will focus on PUBG Mobile India first.

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