PUBG mobile version may soon get a refurbished Miramar map, as well as the return of the Karakin map and other changes. A well-known promoter shared a screenshot of one of the PUBG community coordinators, which appeared to be a discordant post. It is stated that these changes will be implemented in the upcoming season, but the patch notes for this patch have not been officially shared. Another new feature that will be added to PUBG Mobile with this update is emergency parachutes.

A salesman under the pseudonym PlayerIGN, Tweet Screenshot of the Discord post posted by the PUBG Community Coordinator, Twitter username @TheHappyWhale_. The screenshot shows some of the changes that the coordinator is talking about related to the upcoming season of PUBG Mobile. The Karakin map was originally released for the PUBG PC version in February 2020 and will be announced as a mobile version in the 1.3 patch notes. Karakin is already available in the Beta version of the game. However, this map will not be permanent and will rotate with the upcoming season.

The Miramar map will also be revised, but the coordinator’s post did not reveal its details. It pointed out that rework is coming, but there is also no timetable. Miramar is one of the larger maps in PUBG Mobile and has been around for a long time. It was added to the game in May 2018.

In addition, an emergency parachute system may be introduced and updated, and the details of this function are not yet clear. Presumably, it will allow the player to open a second parachute after running out of the main parachute. Whether it will become part of the Royal Royale mode remains to be seen.

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It added that feedback provided by players on matchmaking and robbery mechanisms has been shared with the team, but it should be pointed out that developers need to cater to a global audience, and to implement features in PUBG Mobile, “unified across multiple regions.”

As of now, there is no information about when PUBG Mobile will make these changes. It should be noted that the game is still banned in India, but the developers are trying to restore it.

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