Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile. In just over two weeks, the number of pre-registrations in the country has exceeded 20 million. After the announcement at the beginning of last month, the game began pre-registration for Android users on May 18. Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian incarnation of PUBG Mobile, was banned in the country along with 117 other apps in September last year. The game is basically the same as PUBG Mobile, but with some adjustments for Indian audiences.

South Korean developer Krafton announced through a press release that Battlegrounds Mobile India has more than 20 million pre-registrations in India. The game was released in the first week of May, and then on May 18th, Android users began to pre-register through the Google Play store. The developer stated that it received 7.6 million pre-registrations on the first day. Now, just over two weeks later, the number of users of Battlegrounds Mobile India has exceeded 12.4 million.

Pre-registration will bring rewards unique to India, which can be claimed when the game is officially released. These include reconnaissance costumes, reconnaissance masks, in-game currency, etc. Those who have pre-registered for Battlegrounds Mobile India will automatically download the game when it starts, provided they have turned on the feature in Google Play.

“We would like to sincerely thank our Indian fans for their enthusiastic response to Battlegrounds IP, which was first developed by me and my team in 2017. Battlegrounds IP has been loved and praised by players all over the world, and Krafton will continue to work on intellectual property rights. This effort includes Battlegrounds Mobile India brings amazing content and provides our players with an unparalleled battle royale experience,” said CH Kim, CEO of Krafton.

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Fans who have been waiting for the release date will have to continue to wait because the developers have not yet shared it. The press release also pointed out that the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India will be announced at a later date. Speculation indicates that the game will be played in the country on June 18.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September 2020 due to ties to the Chinese company Tencent. After the ban, the ownership of the game was transferred to Krafton, who had been trying to relaunch the game in the country. A few months later, it achieved this goal in the form of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

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