FAU-G: Fearless and United Defender. This is an action game launched on January 26 for Android users after experiencing some expectations and delays. It is currently being strongly opposed by gamers. Some PUBG fans bombarded FAU-G’s comment on Google Play because it did not match the game banned by the government. The public’s criticism caused the FAU-G rating to suddenly drop to 3.2 stars from 4.5 stars a few days ago. Nevertheless, at the time of writing, FAU-G is still the #1 free game on Google Play in India.

In FAU-G’s Google Play list, the number of single star reviews has increased significantly. Some reviews with a one-star rating specifically revolve around experiences that users find that are not as good as they expected. However, there are many one-star reviews, and users compare FAU-G with PUBG Mobile.

“What I really expected was that it would take the place of PUBG, but when I played it, I realized it was [the] The worst game I have ever played in my life. This incident is really disappointing. “A user who rated FAU-G one star wrote on Google Play.

Soon after its debut last week, FAU-G’s downloads exceeded 5 million, making it the highest ranked free game on Google Play. Despite many negative reviews, the game is still ranked number one on Google Play.

Gadget 360 has contacted FAU-G publisher nCore Games to comment on the bomb attack. This report will be updated after receiving the response.

FAU-G was announced after the government banned PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite in the country in September. It was initially considered as an alternative to PUBG Mobile. However, FAU-G does not provide a battle royale experience and a variety of weapons for you to choose from, but makes its debut with a simpler gameplay, which involves fist battles with enemy forces.

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Nevertheless, FAU-G plans to add “free for all” and 5v5 “team deathmatch” modes and battle royale modes in the future. Currently, the game is still limited to Android devices, although it is expected that iPhone and iPad models will be released at a later stage.

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