PUBG Corporation is looking for investment and strategic analysts for its Bangalore office. The company has a list of positions on LinkedIn that can serve as assistant-level positions, and is looking for people who can support senior teams in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), investments, etc. Although this job posting does provide any confirmation about PUBG Mobile’s fate or status in India, it does indicate that the establishment and development of an office in India is in progress.

This job list was published by PUBG Corporation on LinkedIn around midnight on March 18. The company is looking for an investment and strategy analyst to work in the Bangalore office. The responsibilities and responsibilities described in the checklist indicate that full-time employees will support the senior team to “evaluate and analyze mergers and acquisitions/investment opportunities, including conducting research and analysis in the gaming/entertainment/tech industry”, among other responsibilities. The selected candidates will have to “provide support in key company strategic planning processes” and “conduct process and global transaction process assessments in India and the Middle East and North Africa.”

It is best for candidates to have three years of consulting and in-depth knowledge experience in the fields of interactive entertainment, gaming and IT. They should also be passionate about the gaming and entertainment industry. It is worth noting that this is not the first time PUBG Corporation has started recruiting in October 2020. The company has been looking for a corporate development manager in India.

As mentioned earlier, this does not provide us with any specific information about the status of PUBG Mobile, and the game is still in an uncertain state in terms of its re-release in India. However, it does bring some hope for gamers and fans that PUBG Corporation and its parent company Krafton will not give up the game and strive to bring it back to India.

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A report earlier this month stated that Krafton did not start pre-registration for PUBG: NSW, India because it focused on bringing the original PUBG Mobile back to India. Others say that Krafton is waiting for the Indian government to make a decision on its PUBG plan in India. The game was banned in India in September 2020, and several attempts have been made to restore it since then.

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