Press release. Although most of Bitcoin and altcoins are falling, Pteria DAO The token PTERIA cannot be surpassed and currently exceeds $40 on Mars.

The moon is too close now, so Mars has always been a true new high.

However, the tokens, which were first listed on decentralized exchanges (such as Uniswap and Balancer) only a few months ago, reached a record high today and are now worth more than $40, as you can see Coinmarketcap or Coingecko.

Recent standard Announce Its interesting equity project can provide up to 24% annual rewards for those who block their PTERIA tokens and vote for the DAO proposal.

At present, in less than a month, more than 2 million tokens have been invested Aragon.

Pteria and Wallem

Due to Covid-19 and related global lockdowns and curfews, all of this happened at a certain time, Valen Project, the first game to use PTERIA tokens was interrupted.

Like Pokémon Go, Wallem allows you to get discounts and items around the city, which is why the project is at a standstill due to restrictions imposed by governments in almost all countries, although from the event you will see that everything will be Operation resumed on April 9.

In fact, Pteria DAO decided to provide its tokens to games such as Wallem at the beginning of its establishment, thus becoming the first decentralized autonomous organization to support different games and applications. Wallem is the first in the series, but more will be released in the future.

Burning of PTERIA tokens

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Compared with the initial supply of 21 million, DAO Decide In order to consume most of the total supply, only 7 million existing tokens are now reserved to create a highly scarce token ecosystem.

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