Are we about to see the price and release date of the PS5? Sony did not disclose, but it will be after midnight on Wednesday, due to a continuing coronavirus pandemic, so that we will watch PlayStation 5 games again at online events. These include PS5 released games and other PS5 games released in the coming months and years. Many analysts predict that setting the price of PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition and when they will be launched globally is essentially a trick or market hype.

All signs point to this, especially in a game that Microsoft has been waiting for forever on the price and release date of next-generation consoles. We already know the fees that must be paid when Xbox Series X (49,990 rupees) and Series S (34,990 rupees) are available on November 10 (as in the rest of the world) in India, and orders are open (Tuesday, September 22). It’s time for Sony to fill the PS5 gap. But will it? There is only one way to find out. The PS5 Showcase event will last about 40 minutes, which is shorter than the previous one.

PS5 activity time in India

The PlayStation 5 Showcase event will start on September 17th (American Standard Time) at 1:30 AM IST (American Standard Time). For US users, the PDT event will start on September 16 (Wednesday) at 1:00 PM EST/4 PM EST. Your city.

PS5 event live

You can watch PS5 live broadcast on PlayStation’s official YouTube or Twitch channel. We have embedded YouTube below, so you can also just stay on this page to follow updates.

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The YouTube stream has age restrictions, so you need to log in to your Google account to view it.

PS5 event language

PS5 events will be broadcast live in English, French, Canadian French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Latin Spanish. Click on a language to go to the corresponding YouTube stream.

India PS5 expected price

A Bloomberg report earlier this week stated that the PS5 will be priced at US$449 (approximately Rs 33,000), while the price of the PS5 digital version will be less than US$400 (approximately Rs 29,500).

Of course, Indian prices will be higher due to taxes, duties and import costs. Based on previous releases, we think this will increase the price of PS5 to approximately Rs. The price in India is 44,990, while the price of the PS5 digital version may be around Rs. 39,990, which is also very close to the price of Xbox. Please note that this is a very rough estimate.

PS5 is expected to launch in India

Sony has previously hinted that the PS5 will be launched in November. With the Xbox Series X and Series S scheduled to be released on November 10, the PS5 is expected to appear for a week or two around that date. Or maybe it’s the same day, which is November 10. We may know in a few hours.