The replenishment of PlayStation 5 was earlier than expected. Sony Center’s official website ShopAtSC announced that PS5 will be available for pre-order again at 12 noon (noon) on May 27 (Thursday), only 10 days from the last round of ordering. ShopAtSC said that these next wave of PlayStation 5 orders will begin processing on June 7, but it is expected to be delayed depending on the local COVID-19 restrictions on the delivery of non-essential items you live in. Sony Center currently only released PS5 ads on May 27, and did not mention the PS5 digital version.

Currently, ShopAtSC is the only website that announced the next wave of reservations for PlayStation 5 in India. Other companies including Amazon, Croma, Flipkart, Games The Shop, Prepaid Gamer Card, Reliance Digital and Vijay Sales are also happy to participate, all based on earlier bookings. Considering that the PS5 is about to be re-launched in India, the new batch of PS5 units is undoubtedly part of the same imported goods as the PS5 publicly sold on Monday, May 17. A few seconds later, some websites could not even load, and as demand continues to lead supply, the experience now is unlikely to be much better.

The Sony Center also pointed out that, as before, users who have previously purchased a PlayStation 5 on its website will no longer be able to purchase another device. Even if you purchased PS5 Digital Edition last time, this limitation still exists. The one-machine restriction also applies to all new PS5 reservations on May 27 (Thursday). However, there are many accessories and games that you can buy at a good value. Like most other online retailers, ShopAtSC also requires you to create an account to purchase PS5.

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IGN India is the first country to report.

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