It is foreseeable that the replenishment of PlayStation 5 came and disappeared within a few minutes. The Indian pre-orders of PS5 and PS5 digital editions will go online at 12 noon on Wednesday, June 23, and all the inventory on most websites is less than one minute. This time even Amazon was in trouble, and its website threw an error page: “It’s peak time and the traffic on this page is piling up. Please try again later.” Flipkart even started from “ “Coming soon” became “sold out”, as happened the previous two times. Croma left me with a blank white checkout page. As always, Games The Shop performed the worst. It temporarily stopped 20 minutes before the booking started, after that it was difficult to load, and switched to “service unavailable” before 12pm.

Its website miraculously returned briefly after 12 noon, but the “add to cart” button did not work. But I never even found a buy button on a prepaid player card. As for the Sony Center, the PS5 digital version page reverted to a “404 Not Found” error, which is not what everyone wants to see. How did you do it, ShopAtSC? The PS5 page with Blu-ray still exists, but it will be out of stock within a few seconds. Amazon, which encountered the error, returned to the “currently unavailable” state at 12:05 pm. Even before this, Croma and Reliance Digital were out of stock. If you managed to visit the full order page on Amazon, Croma, Flipkart or Reliance Digital, please let me know in the comments below.

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At this point, it repeats the same story over and over again. Once again, this situation shows that Sony continues to bring very few PS5 and PS5 digital devices to India, despite the alarming demand that has been repeatedly witnessed. Most importantly, none of the online retail giants in India can build a website that can withstand the load of PS5. With global demand exceeding supply by 2022, the situation will not improve anytime soon. This is only the second pre-order stage of the PS5 digital version, and also the fourth pre-order stage of the PS5. There is no date when the next round of PS5 pre-orders in India will start, but given the monthly rhythm of the past two months, I hope there will be at least one in July.

According to Sony Center, PS5 India pre-orders in June will start shipping on July 3. It is expected that other companies-Amazon, Croma, Flipkart, Games The Shop, Prepaid Gamer Card, Reliance Digital and Vijay Sales-will also ship PS5 pre-orders from July 3. Croma said it will deliver the goods before July 8. Of course, the delivery date will also depend on any local restrictions on non-essential items and whether the retailer’s order exceeds their fulfillment capacity. I can’t get shipping estimates from others, so if you successfully booked a PS5, please let me know in the comments below.

All PS5 replenishments seem to be gone now, but if you want, you can follow the above eight websites and register for notifications. However, you may find better luck in a nearby game store if they are open. Sony India also set up a helpline at 1800-103-7799 to help PlayStation fans find local retailers across India. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some game stores may not be able to provide services to you, depending on the restrictions of your place of residence.

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