The end-to-end encrypted email service ProtonMail has gained a new look and feel, bringing a more convenient interface and new personalized options. In May 2014, Proton, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, released the first public beta version of ProtonMail for Web users, and released a new redesign seven years later. ProtonMail competes with companies such as Gmail and Microsoft Outlook by providing end-to-end services. As it is increasingly adopted in technology platforms, encryption has always been a trend.

The latest ProtonMail update brings a new “modern” look based on the new design language. There are also a variety of layouts and themes to choose from. The new theme particularly mixes dark and light colors, namely Carbon, Contrast, Traditional, Monokai, Snow and Default Proton.

ProtonMail added a new theme to provide a new look
Image source: Proton

ProtonMail also includes quick filters that allow you to easily categorize emails. In addition, there are some keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to check messages.

Since ProtonMail is one of Proton’s main products, but not just a single product, there is a new application selector that allows you to switch between different Proton services, such as Proton Calendar, Proton Drive and Proton VPN.

Users who use any other email service can move their messages to ProtonMail using an integrated feature called Import Assistant. It initially provided the feature as a standalone import and export application, which was available in the beta version until November.

The company stated in a blog post: “We have redesigned ProtonMail to make it easy to use, but it still ensures that you always control your information.” “The new ProtonMail is towards us establishing a privacy as the default Internet Is a critical step in our vision.”

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The new experience was initially limited to users who access ProtonMail on the Web. However, the company does plan to do a similar treatment for its mobile apps in the next few months.

If you are not familiar with ProtonMail, the email service is said to have more than 50 million users worldwide. The service’s popularity is mainly because its end-to-end encryption model is more secure and private than traditional Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

The privacy aspects of ProtonMail make it a stronger competitor to popular email services including Google Gmail. The company is very aware of this fact, so it pays more attention to building an encrypted environment than it likes regular interface-level updates-the latter is more common among competitors. However, with today’s large-scale people seeking convenience while seeking privacy, Proton has finally brought a much-needed redesign.

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