The judge who heard the US Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Alphabet’s Google recommended that Friday’s trial date be September 12, 2023.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta suggested a date for the appointment at a status meeting, but the lawyers on both sides did not object. Mehta pointed out that the two parties seem to hope that the discovery will be completed in March 2022, while other pre-trial matters will not be resolved until early 2023.

Mehta said: “In my opinion, we are looking for a test in the late summer and early autumn of 2023. This is a possible test.” Mehta suggested September 12, 2023 as a possible test date.

The two parties have also begun the process of at least partially integrating the government case, which was brought against Google in 38 states and territories on Thursday, especially in the pre-trial.

The scope of cases in this state is larger than that of the Department of Justice. The Justice Department’s lawsuit mainly targets Google’s search and search ads, and state cases filed this week include Google’s efforts to expand its dominance to devices such as speakers, TVs and even smart cars.

Google denies any wrongdoing.

California, which is about to join the Justice Department case along with Wisconsin and Michigan, said it will have to disclose to a third party, but did not provide any details. Paula Blizzard, an attorney in the California Attorney General’s Office, said: “I know we have a separate investigation file.”

Google’s lawyers and the Department of Justice also seem to be close to completing the details of an order that protects confidential information from the company, which is helpful for government cases and scheduling orders. Both can be completed next week.

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The next status hearing is scheduled for January 21.

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