Press release. March 27, 2021, Amural, Dubai Diamondcon Is one of the fastest rising Call of Duty players in the world, and is Subliners eSports team. He is the first professional eSports player ever to introduce NFT to the growing FPS gaming community.

After garnering considerable attention on Twitch and Twitter, his followers will soon be able to purchase Diamondcon’s NFT and claim to have the bragging rights to the 200 IQ game clip.

NFT: Hot News

Players spend a lot of cash on skins, game passes, and in-game purchases, but they never have any cash. NFT will be a revolution that will completely change the game industry. Money spent on games will no longer be a bad investment. No one knew about NFT a year ago, now it is a new craze. Remember when they said that streaming will never become a professional? Look at the current industry.

Diamondcon NFT will be the first in the field of chemical oxygen demand, and owning it will be an investment not to be missed. Imagine how much the NFT of your favorite COD player will be worth in a few years.

For anyone who hype about this version, DiamondCon NFT will drop the price in the next few days, so please pay close attention Diamondcon’s Twitter Get the best-selling NFT before it is sold out!

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