Amazon India has launched a mobile-only plan for Prime Video, Prime Video Mobile Edition, to compete with Netflix’s Rs. 199 mobile dedicated plan, which marks the world’s number one e-commerce company. Unlike Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video Mobile Edition is directly related to your prepaid plan. Amazon is cooperating with Airtel to launch Prime Video Mobile Edition. Prime Video content is bundled with Airtel recharge packages, starting at Rs. 89. All Airtel prepaid customers will be eligible for a 30-day free trial of Prime Video Mobile Edition. You can register for Prime Video Mobile Edition starting at 2pm (today) on January 13th (Wednesday).

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Just like Netflix’s “mobile” plan, Prime Video Mobile Edition will provide standard definition (SD) video quality on a single device. However, unlike Netflix, you can choose to upgrade to the full Prime Video experience-including multiple profiles, simultaneous streaming, TV access, and HD/4K content. By recharging Rs for Airtel prepaid phone number, you can get 30 days of Amazon Prime. 131-Amazon Prime is priced at Rs. If you subscribe directly, it is 129 rupees per month (or as part of the rupees). 349 prepaid packages can be used for 28 days, but also provide unlimited calls and 2GB data every day. Since 2018, Airtel has provided a prepaid plan for Amazon Prime, which is not completely new.

However, if you only want to enjoy Prime Video on your mobile device, you can use Prime Video Mobile Edition through the following Airtel prepaid plans. All of these can be found on the Airtel Thanks app or can be purchased at over 1 million Airtel stores across India.

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Recharge Amazon benefits Incoming call data Valid period
Rs 89 Prime Video Mobile Edition 6GB 28 days
Rs 131 Amazon Prime membership 30 days
Rs 299 Prime Video Mobile Edition Unlimited calls 1.5GB per day 28 days
Rs 349 Amazon Prime membership Unlimited calls 2GB per day 28 days

Jay Marine, the global vice president of Amazon Prime Video, said in an email statement: “India is one of our fastest-growing regions with a high participation rate. Encouraged by this response, we hope that More Indian customer groups provide our favorite entertainment content to redouble their efforts. Given the country’s high mobile broadband penetration rate, mobile phones have become one of the most widely used streaming media devices. With the launch of Prime Video Mobile Edition, we Looking forward to entertaining every Indian with exclusive and original content.”

Gaurav Gandhi, India Director and Country General Manager of Amazon Prime Video, added: “In the past four years, Prime Video has become the most popular premium streaming service in the country, with ratings from more than 4,300 cities and towns. We believe that, The mobile version plan will further accelerate the popularity of Prime Video in India and allow more customers to access our popular entertainment content. This plan for Amazon is not only designed to provide customers with more (plan) choices, but also easy access Subscribe to Prime Video and mobile data plans. We are very happy to work with Airtel and become our first partner for Prime Video Mobile Edition in India.”

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Shashwat Sharma, Chief Marketing Officer of Bharti Airtel, added: “At Airtel, we are very keen to provide customers with a unique experience through our Airtel Thank program. We are very happy to work with Amazon to leverage Airtel’s quality customers and deep distribution And the core advantages of a first-class video network to democratize digital entertainment in India.”

Sameer Batra, Director of Amazon Mobile Business Development, said: “We are very pleased that Airtel has become the first promotion partner of Prime Video Mobile Edition. This cooperation marks the deepening of the strategic partnership between Amazon and Airtel. Through prepaid connectivity and affordable prices Smartphones powered by data from India are ubiquitous in India’s vast customer base-the mobile version will make Prime Video synonymous with high-quality entertainment for this large customer base. We look forward to expanding our service to the entire prepaid in India Customer base.”