PM WANI (Prime Wi-Fi Access Network Interface) aims to deploy Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide on a large scale to promote connection options and improve digital access. But where many other companies have had limited success in the past, can it flourish? Gadget 360 keeps up with Shubhendu Sharma, co-founder and COO of Wifi Dabba, called by the Telecommunications Authority of India (TRAI) as one of the leaders in bringing WANI compatibility to understand insiders’ views on upcoming projects , And how it should work, and what to expect.

Sharma told Advertisement Shout: “Since 2017, we have been working hard to obtain an ISP license, and we started this work. We realized that the license does not help expand the promotion of Wi-Fi broadband, so when we heard We are very interested in this project and participate in it. Now anyone and everyone can resell Internet bandwidth on the router.”

Wifi Dabba launched its public Wi-Fi service as an ISP in 2018. In many ways, its business model is in line with the government’s plan-install custom routers in small shops and kiosks, provide Wi-Fi connections for nearby residents, and people can buy sachets for as little as a few rupees.

How Wifi Dabba provides Internet access for a day in rupees. 2

in a tweet On Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) talked about drastically improving Wi-Fi availability in India and wrote: “This plan will enable our small shop owners to provide Wi-Fi services. This will increase revenue. And ensure that our young people have a seamless Internet connection.”

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On PM Modi’s website, more details of the program are explained, showing how to access it through the Public Data Office (PDO) along the PCO. In this case, companies that build Wi-Fi networks like Wifi Dabba will become PDO aggregators, and all these PDOs can interoperate between different aggregators.

Not the first try

Although this announcement has aroused great interest, this is not the first time India has attempted to publicly promote Wi-Fi. Both Google and Facebook have tried. Facebook launched Express Wifi and shut it down due to little impact on the market. Google has partnered with RailTel to provide free Wi-Fi in train stations across the country and then expanded it in 2018, but the plan was blocked earlier this year. Closed year.

“As we look forward to the next phase of enabling access, it’s clear that since we started five years ago, going online has become easier and cheaper. Mobile data plans are becoming more affordable and global mobile connectivity is improving. India, In particular, it is now among the cheapest mobile data per GB in the world. According to the latest data from TRAI, the price of mobile data has dropped by 95% in the past five years. Today, Indian users consume nearly nearly 10GB of data. Similar to what the Indian government did, some governments and local entities have launched their own initiatives to provide easier, cost-effective Internet access for everyone.” Google wrote in a blog at the time.

Airtel, Vodafone, and Reliance Jio also plan to establish public Wi-Fi, which will also be used to eliminate network congestion, but since 2016, mobile subscribers have developed by leaps and bounds, but the number of public Wi-Fi hotspots has increased Not keeping up with the pace in the same way. As 4G becomes cheaper and more popular, is it still necessary to drive Wi-Fi in this way, instead of the technological “leap” that people often talk about in the Indian context?

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Three years of production

According to its pilot document, TRAI began to conduct trials in PDO across the country in 2017. Some of them include CSC eGovernance service, C-DOT, Omnia Information and Wifi Dabba. The pilot also saw three entities building mobile applications that meet the requirements of WANI-Mobile Motion Technologies’ Wifire, Omnia Information’s Wi-Fi SwApp and a WANI compatible version of the Paytm application on Android, TRAI noted. By the end of the test, Wifi Dabba had 430 access points that met the requirements of WANI, Omnia Information had 157 access points, and other access areas were significantly less.

“Now, if you have the correct software installed on your router, you can resell the data,” Sharma said. “Any shopkeeper can now establish public Wi-Fi and profit from it. This is the premise of this document and this policy change. Therefore, we hope that more people like Wifi Dabba can come forward and establish public Wi-Fi hotspots .”

Wifi Dabba in Bangalore wants to use laser to launch broadband at you

He added: “The entire framework that has been created must be similar to UPI. There is a common organization in UPI, and you can register devices on this framework.” “Anyone who uses the WANI application ecosystem can access my router. For the provider, although you can use a router with all the built-in functions, you don’t need dedicated hardware. If you already have the hardware, you can run a software stack (such as accounting software) on top of the hardware.”

The user application provider ecosystem means that companies like Paytm or Flipkart have built-in payment options in the user’s application, and they can also show users a map of all nearby WANI compatible hotspots that can be connected to or even automatically Make a payment. “The idea is that you have been using a provider in Delhi and then heading to Bangalore to work. No matter what the provider is, you should be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network near you without even knowing what it is,” Sharma said.

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