PowerPlay, launched by the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), is a new card game whose makers hope that the game can teach people about privacy and their rights. The game was designed by Delhi-based user experience designer Ishita Begani to help Indian citizens have a basic understanding of their privacy rights. When WhatsApp’s privacy policy was updated to cheer on the topic of data privacy, the game dropped.

PowerPlay is the product of Begani’s undergraduate thesis project. “After in-depth research on behavioral design and exploring various innovative directions, I decided to design a card game that allows people to participate in the face of privacy threats and prompt them to take action,” Begani said.

For her project, Bergani chose to cooperate with Article 21 of the Constitution of India, which stipulates: “No one shall be deprived of life or personal freedom unless in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law.” According to the article, “Privacy “It was determined as a basic right. The Supreme Court’s judgment in 2017 clearly stated that privacy is a fundamental right in India.

Despite this, Bergani said that she noticed that there is no specific law in India that empowers citizens to protect their privacy. Currently, a joint committee of Congress is debating the “Personal Data Protection Act”, which ensures a strong data protection structure for India. Although the bill seems to provide more protection for citizens’ personal data, she said it is a bill that promotes national and private interests even at the expense of citizens’ privacy.

Through the game, Begani hopes to solve this potential data awareness problem, and raise citizens’ awareness of the meaning of the bill, and prompt them to express their opinions.

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The deck of PowerPlay consists of 112 playing cards, divided into four categories-roles, data points, government events and privacy hackers. To play the game, you need to set up three platforms, namely-a mixed data platform containing privacy hackers and data points, a role platform and a government activity platform.

According to the character card obtained, you must keep private and public information about you. The game is designed for players over the age of 18 and aims to help players maintain a balance between the public and private data of their game characters when the government violates their privacy rights.

According to the character card obtained, you must keep private and public information about you
Image source: IFF

“It brings players into a privacy-themed environment and allows them to play data based on events in the game. It allows us to understand the countless ways in which our data is vulnerable to misuse by unknown forces including our government. Citizens Also aware of how the bill challenges our basic concept of privacy.” Bergani said.

Data privacy is important

After WhatsApp’s controversial privacy policy was updated, our data privacy issues have been a concern. After accepting the updated privacy policy, the app will be able to share user details, such as their phone numbers and transaction data. This has led to more downloads of more privacy-conscious personal messaging applications, such as Signal and Telegram.

People all over the world are paying more and more attention to the data they share with many companies and government agencies, either intentionally or unintentionally.

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“Usually, we are told that privacy is a right that lacks definition. People don’t know what it means. Privacy is intangible because it relates to personal data, and people cannot foresee the risks and harms of surveillance.” IFF Executive Director Apar Gupta Say. Regarding the awareness of data privacy, it is simple, it is the demand of the hour.

Speaking of PowerPlay, Gupta said: “Here, Ishida has made a fascinating game where people are forced to make choices around privacy-in fact, the right to privacy is in their hands.”

To master this game, you must be an IFF visionary, that is, a regular donor to a New Delhi-based non-governmental organization responsible for advocating digital rights and freedom.

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