Press release. Poltergeist Exchange has partnered with McAfee’s GHOST to bring a stable private coin and privacy dex to the GHOST of the McAfee blockchain. Poltergeist Exchange has released its native token GHOUL, and is developing and releasing McAfee’s sidechain with the same name as Ghost.

GHOST’s side chain will open up various interactive possibilities, including the use of atomic swaps to perfectly execute the complete privacy dex of cross-chain transactions, the private stablecoin GHOSTDAI, which is pegged by DAI and supported by 1:1, and so on.

“When I set the vision of GHOST, I not only saw the privacy coin, but also included an ecosystem of products and services that really contained the ideas and values ​​that I think are very important for being able to conduct business privately and deliver value… “Josh Case said he is the founder of Poltergeist Exchange and the co-founder of McAfee Ghost.

“Nothing can stop us from bringing these ideas into the world. Many of these ideas are closer than you think.”

Poltergeist and Ghost also brought other heavy hitters, such as advisors such as co-founder Mate Tokay.

“I am very happy to join these projects and help bring a truly private cryptocurrency ecosystem to the world. A truly private stablecoin will change the rules of the game.” Mate Tokay said.

The experience of the GHOST team and its consultants put GHOST in an advantageous position in an era when the demand for DEX and privacy is high. GHOST can be accessed by anyone anytime, anywhere.

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About GHOST is a privacy coin created by the legendary technology pioneer John McAfee, who has been promoting the project on his Twitter account through his prison cell in Spain.

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