According to a report, PlayStation 5 consoles imported from outside India will not be covered by a warranty. Importers sell Sony PS5 game consoles on the gray market, but according to a report, Sony executives stated that for customers to use warranty rights in India, game consoles need to have an official Sony India Warranty card. In essence, Sony wants Indian customers to buy the PS5 from official sellers, rather than from unauthorized sellers who have bought game consoles from abroad. Sony will not be able to repair these game consoles.

According to a report by MensXP citing a Sony representative, PlayStation products sold by Sony India have passed the Indian Security Standard Certification set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). “We recommend that customers check the official Sony India warranty card at the time of purchase to use the warranty rights in India. In this case, please be sure to note that the PlayStation products sold by Sony India have passed the safety standards required by India. According to reports, a representative of Sony Say.

The report pointed out that unauthorized retailers are selling PS5 to Indian customers at a high premium, in some cases the premium exceeds Rs. 90,000, and there is no guarantee. Those who have purchased these game consoles will not be able to obtain the warranty because the imported game consoles will not have a valid warranty in India. This is not surprising, because the previous generation of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One consoles also do not support international warranty. This is just a simple standard policy. If you are considering importing, it is important to know that you may encounter problems in the future.

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So far, Sony has not confirmed when the PS5 will be launched in India. The game console was launched in some regions on November 12. However, the company has adopted Indian pricing, and the PS5 is priced at Rs. The standard version is priced at Rs 49,990. The version is 39,990. The report also added that the console will be sold through Amazon, Flipkart, Croma,, Reliance Digital and Games The Shop when it is officially launched in the country.

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