Playstation 5 excites actor Boman Irani. The movie star shared a post on Instagram where he showed off his new PS5-a game console that is difficult to buy in India (and around the world), and said it was time to show the young people in the house “Young people” too. It’s the boss. The Iranian has a new look, with his hands on the PS5 box. The 61-year-old young man is one of the luckiest people, because his stock runs out within a few minutes after the sale, so he has a chance to get support from PS5.

PS5 was pre-booked again on May 27 (Thursday), and within the first minute, it was out of stock on multiple platforms (for example, Sony Online Center, Flipkart, Amazon, Croma, etc.). This is not only a problem in India, because gamers all over the world are trying hard to use Sony’s new game consoles, but it is definitely much more difficult to buy game consoles here, because the number of game consoles allocated on the market is relatively small.

After several fake release dates, late price disclosures, reported trademark issues, and unofficial pre-orders, the PlayStation 5 arrived in India in February 2021. The replenishment of PS5 arrived on May 27 (Thursday) and disappeared within a few minutes. Although Amazon is the only platform to display PS5 stock for a few minutes, Flipkart has rapidly changed from “coming soon” to “sold out” even from noon. On other platforms, the situation is not much different. The game store closed even 15 minutes before the booking started, and it never really recovered before the inventory was exhausted, while the prepaid game player card encountered multiple connection timeout errors. Croma, another platform game enthusiast relied on, broke down in due time. It did recover. Vijay Sales eliminated PS5 stock in just one minute. Moreover, we didn’t even find the “Buy” button on Sony Center and Reliance Digital.

Sony Center and Flipkart are expected to start deliveries on June 7. By about 12:05 pm, Amazon gave a delivery date between June 8th and 11th. At the same time, Croma said it will deliver the product before June 11. Of course, your mileage may vary, depending on local restrictions on non-essential items during the pandemic.

Please let us know in the comments section if you are also waiting for the PS5 digital version, which is only available once, and Sony India will continue to ignore this demand.

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