Press release. French startup Planetwatch, a decentralized and incentivized environmental monitoring startup, announced that its utility token PLANETS will be listed on Bitfinex June 4. PLANETS is the first Algorand standard asset (except stablecoins) supported by major international exchanges.

Claudio Parrinello, CEO of PlanetWatch, said: “This is an important milestone for PlanetWatch. Less than 18 months after the establishment of the company, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we have successfully proven Our smart city as a service solution, based on community sensor deployment and crowd-sourced air quality data, can provide a fast and cost-effective way of commercial-level data feed.”

PlanetWatch revolutionized the way we measure air quality by using the Algorand blockchain, IoT-enabled sensors, and artificial intelligence-based data analysis. PlanetWatch encourages citizens to operate air quality sensors and obtain token rewards through data streams.

Sean Lee, CEO of Algorand Foundation, said: “We are very pleased to see Bitfinex supporting PLANETS tokens. The PlanetWatch team is creating their “smart city” aaS concept and choosing to build on Algorand’s sustainable carbon-negative blockchain network. Their utility token ecosystem has shown outstanding vision and innovation. We are very pleased to see the world discover the amazing potential of crowdsourced air quality monitoring and PLANETS tokens.”

PlanetWatch focuses on air pollution because it kills more than 7 million people every year (source: WHO). In addition, recent studies provide evidence linking long-term exposure to air pollution with increased mortality from COVID-19 infection and a significant risk of aerosol infection in indoor spaces, where air quality can represent the risk of infection.

PlanetWatch has received strong support from well-known partners such as Algorand, Algorand Foundation, and the world’s leading physics research laboratory CERN, and the network was born here.

As a provider of environmental data, PlanetWatch naturally cooperates with Algorand. Algorand provides a highly scalable, decentralized and secure blockchain, which is also one of the “greenest” blockchains for energy consumption. As far as CERN is concerned, PlanetWatch is the only company in the global blockchain ecosystem that has officially become a “CERN spin-off company”.

PlanetWatch’s network is developing very rapidly. It currently includes approximately 700 sensors, most of which are located in Europe and the United States. Based on the current installation pipeline, the 1,000 sensors milestone will be reached within a few weeks.For more information about Planetwatch, please visit For more information about Algorand, please visit

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Image Source: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons