Piper Sandler, an independent investment bank and financial services company in the United States, released the latest “Doing Stocks with Teens” survey, which pointed out that 9% of teens in the United States trade cryptocurrencies. A survey of 7,000 teenagers was conducted, and about 81% of young people who use digital currencies for transactions are men.

9% of U.S. teens claim to have traded crypto assets, but cash is still the best among U.S. teens

Piper Sandler Companies released a new study that surveyed 7,000 American teenagers.

According to the results of the survey on payment, “cash (teenage) is still (still) king”, followed by Apple Pay and Venmo. Food, video games and clothing purchases are very important to American teenagers, and 9% of the population have used digital currency for transactions.

According to a survey by Piper Sandler, only 19% of respondents who trade cryptocurrencies are women. Among the young participants who trade in crypto assets, the vast majority or 81% are men. Piper Sandler’s survey is part of a half-year research project that has surveyed more than 201,800 teenagers since 2001.

The survey covers a subset of high schools, and the average age of each respondent is 16 years old

In this particular survey, among the 7,000 American teenagers, the average age was 16.1 years.The financial services company said it used data from “a subset of high schools in different geographic locations across the U.S.”

When interviewees were asked about their economic situation, Piper Sandler’s research pointed out: “46% of teenagers think the is deteriorating, compared with 48% in the fall; 25% of teenagers think the situation is getting better.”

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A recent survey from the UK shows that there are more young people between the ages of 18 and 45 than young people of any age in this age group. Graph obtained through the “UK Cryptocurrency Report 2021”.

The independent investment bank’s survey results are similar to many previous surveys. Many surveys show that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are favored by young people. A new study released by Gemini early this year showed that 2,000 participants from the UK participated in the survey.

A specific section shows that young people’s interest in digital assets is especially between the ages of 18 and 44. Starting with the respondents of the Gemini UK survey, any age thereafter began to decline.

Piper Sandler’s investigation only details the fact that these teenagers have traded crypto assets at least once. In addition to 9% of those who trade digital currencies, 9% of their wallet share is also used to buy video games or game consoles.

According to Piper Sandler’s discovery, currently the number one online shopping for American teenagers in the United States is the marketplace.

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