The International Space Station (ISS) shared a series of photos on Thursday, including the “Super Moon.” This celestial event occurs when the moon is at the closest position to the earth and is full at the same time. As a result, the moon looks bigger and brighter than other days. Also known as the “Pink Moon”, it appeared on April 27 and 28 this year, and was the first of at least two such celestial events this year. ISS wrote on four slides on Instagram: “The “Super Moon” is a recent photo taken from the station. No matter what phase the moon is in, you can see a spectacular view from space.”

The first picture shows the full moon, and the second picture shows the new moon. The third picture again shows the full moon, while the fourth picture, clicked at night, shows the moon, the earth, the International Space Station, and countless stars.

The International Space Station also shared these stunning and beautiful pictures on Twitter, almost everyone was stunned. The Twitter post with the same image has been liked by more than 26,000 people and reposted 5,000 times.

Twitter user @Flatline42 said that he likes the last photo because it has stars on it, which is something that is often not seen.

Another user @MelroseShow said that for the same reason, the last photo left him speechless. The user further wrote: “It’s like I have seen the moon a thousand times, but the moonlight is shining on the earth from space…Wow.”

According to NASA, the closest point of the Moon to the Earth is called Perigee, and its average distance from the Earth is approximately 2,26,000 miles (3,63,300 kilometers). However, it is difficult to detect the difference with the naked eye.

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The space agency pointed out that the next “super moon” will happen next month, May 26. Therefore, if you missed the time to watch the last “Super Moon”, please mark the date of the next “Super Moon” in the calendar.