Press release. Phuture, a decentralized protocol built to create and invest in passive indexing strategies in the Web3 environment, today announced that it has completed its private seed round of financing. This round of financing was led by Ascensive Assets and raised a total of US$1.5 million.

Once put into use, Phuture will introduce an open design concept to create a passive investment strategy. Designed from the ground up, Phuture is very intuitive for both encrypted and non-encrypted native users. It provides tools to create new indexes or invest in existing indexes created by the community. The Phuture protocol introduces its unique, scalable aggregate index architecture, which allows it to rebalance between multiple indexes at the same time. Its intelligent rebalancing engine can dynamically determine the best rebalancing trigger conditions, thereby minimizing the value loss caused by swap transactions and improving index performance.

This round of financing includes several well-known blockchain investors, including: NGC Ventures, SevenX, Moonrock Capital, Origin Capital, Waterdrip Capital and D64.

Other backers include Genblock Capital, Decentralabs, Synergia, Vendetta Capital, Richard Ma (CEO of QuantStamp), Danish Chaudry (CEO of Exchange) and Skynet Trading, a leading liquidity provider.

Charles Storry, Phuture’s Director of Growth, said: “At Phuture, we are very happy to work with some of the most exciting investors in the field. We will work together to redefine the role of indexing in the Web 3.0 environment and realize our vision of becoming the de facto indexing solution in cryptocurrencies The funds raised will be used to provide funds for the continued development of Phuture, because Phuture is about to launch its first version and build an ecosystem; including Phuture team and early user base. “

In the investment in Phuture, Oliver Blakey, managing partner of Ascensive Assets, added: “We are honored to support Phuture as its main investor. We believe that indexes will play a huge role in cryptocurrencies, just like in traditional finance. Phuture is introducing a new blueprint for the index protocol, and its development trajectory makes crypto local The usability gap between people and the broader market tends to be consistent, which is an immeasurable attribute that cryptocurrencies have continued to penetrate into the traditional financial sector.”

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About Phuture:

Phuture is a decentralized protocol designed to create and invest in token-based passive investment strategies in the Web3 environment.

The Phuture protocol introduces a permissionless index creation process that can provide a powerful index product with dynamic weights, department tracking, and asset return optimization.

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