From encrypted transactions to definitions, the most exciting areas of blockchain financial technology development and innovation have attracted serious investments from various industries. In order to introduce more tools and complementary services to the ecosystem, recipients of these capital allocations are working to promote greater adoption by removing many existing barriers to participation and adopting more popular methods.

Responsible for projects that focus on usability and user experience

Atani’s all-in-one transaction infrastructure, Enso’s decentralized finance (defi) strategic sharing platform, Don-Key’s social benefit agriculture plan, MakiSwap’s professional AMM, Sheesha’s Defi mutual fund, and Dedefiant’s Defi-driven information platform And between Consensys, huge cash reserves, please take a closer look at the impressive fundraising figures. With the surge in investor demand, the fundraising figures will continue to grow exponentially.

The Defi portfolio arrived in time

As defi’s total value lock (TVL) data continues to climb after climbing to more than $50 billion, some institutions are trying to help bridge the accessibility dilemma, thereby inhibiting wider participation. One of them is Sheesha Finance, based in the UAE, which has just raised $9.44 million in financing through its unique liquidity raising event (LGE).

Contributors of Sheesha Finance will receive liquidity supply (LP) tokens, which can be used for local Sheeshatoken, without direct investment to gain access to valuable Defi projects, just like mutual funds. Therefore, investors who invest in their own LP tokens will automatically be eligible to receive prize pool rewards and rewards in the form of Sheesha tokens, while reducing the risk of Defi’s investment portfolio and maximizing its potential at the same time.

All-in-one crypto trading ecosystem ends another round of financing

When addressing the fragmented service approach of the crypto ecosystem, Atani stands out with its comprehensive approach to transactions and related activities. After completing a $6.25 million seed round of financing, Atani strives to build a more modern and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform, which symbolizes the all-inclusive service provided by online brokers in traditional financial markets.

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Through the integration of API keys in its free non-regulated desktop platform with more than 20 exchanges, embedded tax reporting capabilities, and tools such as portfolio aggregation, advanced order types and price alerts, Atani seeks to provide cryptocurrencies A complete set of financial services traders. The latest fundraising activities will be used to develop advanced features, such as API trading, which can operate normally even if the desktop platform is offline.

Defi merchants team up

In view of the continuous development of defi opportunities, especially in terms of liquidity concentration and income agriculture, Enso set out to simplify the ecosystem to increase the accessibility of traders. The organization is establishing destinations for traders to create and find unauthorized strategies to create a powerful asset management ecosystem. After raising $5 million from investors, Enso will allocate these funds to platform and community development, and plans to launch the mainnet in the second quarter.

This more social method of navigating in the Defi environment will help creators and followers to access a variety of profitable Defi activities in a more simplified form. Traders can invest directly in the strategy or use the tokens of the creator of the strategy. In addition, traders can establish meta-strategies to effectively combine multiple strategies in a variety of ways.

Improved farming becomes more sociable

While seeking to replicate Etoro’s success in financial markets and cryptocurrency trading, Don-Key is developing its own social methods for agricultural production. After successfully raising funds, the company attracted $2.2 million in investment from a consortium of investors. Don-Key intends to break down barriers and provide farmers who seek opportunities for capital and liquidity providers.

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The main problem that the organization is trying to solve is the current level of stratification that accompanies crop cultivation. This copy trading method will greatly reduce the barriers to entry between risk, high capital requirements, and the related skills required to maneuver in this tricky area. In addition, it intends to invite more liquidity providers to participate, while capital is greatly reduced, while at the same time providing farmers with opportunities to expand their income.

DEX takes the lead in enriching professional trading experience

Among the common complaints centered on the blockchain transaction ecosystem, there is a high degree of fragmentation and lack of more sophisticated tools (professionals have become accustomed to ranking them first). To solve the second half of the equation, Makiswap, the largest decentralized exchange (DEX) in Huobi Ecochain, is expanding its feature set to meet professional needs such as analysis, advanced order types, and more complex charts.

After completing a $1.4 million financing provided by a group of investors, Makiswap intends to bring more feature-rich features to its already popular ecosystem. It also encourages the adoption of more products in the broad user community in the Asia-Pacific region in order to seek more participation in crop production.

Defi data and information collection work continues to expand

Just as Bloomberg has become an outstanding data provider in the traditional financial services industry, The Defiant is busy positioning itself as a necessary defi information resource. Starting from the industry newsletter in 2019, it has rapidly developed into a defi multimedia powerhouse, committed to providing high-quality, reputable, objective, and independent reports for borrowers, lenders, traders, liquidity providers and income farmers.

The $1.4 million pre-seed financing raised from a group of investors will ensure that The Defiant can build a comprehensive information portal to provide victims with reliable data, analysis and research. The funds will be used to build an accessible data platform and Web3 local media channels focused on high-quality content. In short, these efforts will help new immigrants gain valuable insights about the ecosystem, and experienced professionals will apply their expert-level information and analysis to it.

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Financial giants increase their understanding of the future of blockchain

As more and more institutions adopt blockchain technology, more and more traditional financial companies begin to pay attention to this intently. After making a $65 million investment in the blockchain infrastructure development company Consensys, celebrities including JP Morgan, UBS and Mastercard are all voting.

Consensys, run by the co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin (Joseph Lubin), is committed to building a cryptocurrency financial infrastructure through its software development department. Now, as the defi protocol ranks among the most popular applications on Ethereum, Consensys is facilitating the rapid merging of decentralized finance with enterprise-level Web3 applications. In summary, this event is very suitable for the overall mission of accelerating the adoption of blockchain by consumers and enterprises.

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