Press release. NFT (Non-Fungible Token) has been used to build a decentralized game platform, issue proprietary tokens, and issues related to copy protection and copyright. Due to the profit of blockchain and its practical application in life, it is expected to become a new trend attracting investors’ attention.

What is Peafarm?

Peafarm is a cryptocurrency game that uses the practices of the blockchain industry to create a completely independent and irreplaceable special product.

Peafarm’s network and protocol not only create a micro-society in the game, but also create residual value calculated in digital assets. Their team transformed the traditional concept and method “game is a kind of entertainment game” into “game is a financial investment field”.

In simple words, games are now not only entertainment games, but also a place to make money, invest and make money. In the crypto market, this is a real project with extraordinary charm and value.

Where to buy PEA tokens:

The unique fact of Peafarm is its limited supply of tokens. Speaking of limited supply, 15 million PEA coins will be distributed to the community only through airdrops, pre-sales and public sales activities.

Airdrop link:

PEA token sale opening hours:

Phase I-Pre-sale: December 8, 2020

Phase 2-Public Sale: December 15, 2020

Public sales link:

After depositing PEA tokens into your personal wallet, you can use PEA tokens to purchase items, seeds, varieties, etc. in the game. The Peafarm team will also plan to put PEA tokens on certain exchanges, such as MXC, Kucoin, Hobit, etc.

Peafarm Ecosystem Products:

In the Peafarm game ecosystem, the PEA token acts as the platform currency, which is mainly traded and used in all games or investment activities and applications.

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Pay and use on the Peafarm platform-You can use PEA to exchange internally in the game to pay for the purchase of items, seeds…or upgrade production machinery and equipment to increase the productivity and profit of the farm.

PEA governance Owning a PEA token means that you have the right to vote on important work in the ecosystem. The more tokens you hold, the more votes you get.

Loan-Make a profitable investment through a loan. PEA token is the basic electronic currency that can help you profit from these financial investment tools.

Seed agriculture-it is just a game based on farmers who plant and harvest all crops. The more you cultivate, the more you harvest, and the more you invest, the higher your profit. With PEA, you will be able to play games and invest to make huge profits.

PEA token details:

Token name: PEAFARM
Stock code: pea
Blockchain TRC20
contract: TPZwZjcnGeoTGk6K8hhsc8nSuLpcaWEYkV
Token type: NFT
consensus: Entrusted proof of equity
Total supply: 1500 dollars
Circulating supply: 1,500,000

Among NFT applications, game applications can be said to be the most popular and effective. In addition to the entertainment and creative elements in the game, the Peafarm ecosystem is also a golden egg for people to make financial investments when they get a lot of substantial profits from staking and farming.

These are real value, not virtual assets like other online games.

The strategy and direction of the Peafarm team are very wise and can determine the time to launch the platform product before the token sale. It clearly shows that this is a potential project and is quite reliable for investment choices.

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Peafarm is worth considering a potential ecosystem in your investment portfolio.

Peafarm’s media channel:

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