Parler, the developer of the conservative social network, claimed that he was slandered by a well-known Republican donor, improperly expelled, two people who replaced him in the company, and a person known for his support of former President Donald Trump Political commentator.

John Matze said in the lawsuit that he was fired for trying to downplay the extremism on the site. He said that wealthy philanthropist Rebekah Mercer, website partners Jeffrey Wernick and Mark Meckler, and podcast and television analyst Dan Bunge Dan Bongino conspired to steal 40% of his company shares, leaving only US$3 (approximately Rs 210).

Mercer worked through the Heritage Foundation and a family foundation’s tax lawyers, Wernick and Meckler of Parler, and Bongino. None of the newsletters immediately responded to phone and e-mail messages about the lawsuit filed in the Nevada state court on Monday.

It made Matze a scapegoat for the turmoil, and after the siege of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, Parler became the preferred location for extreme right-wing extremist views, Matze appeared.

The site is located in the suburbs of Henderson, outside of Las Vegas. After the violence, when Trump’s social media was blocked due to instigation by mainstream platforms Facebook and Twitter, the site became more and more. popular.

After Apple suspended the purchase of its smartphone applications, Parler was launched from the Internet on January 11. The site returned in mid-February without Matze.

The lawsuit claims that Wernicke is neither an official of Paller nor the owner of Paller, but portrays himself as Paller’s head of operations. He allegedly invited Bongino to “use his media power…to promote Parler.” Meckler becomes the CEO of the company.

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After Matze filed the lawsuit, he filed a mediation position and banned the neo-Nazis and the right-wing conspiracy theory QAnon and other identifiable extremist groups. He was accused of misconduct and was fired on January 29.

The lawsuit said: “In short, Paller was hijacked to advance the defendant’s personal political and personal interests, rather than acting as a platform for free expression as originally envisaged.”

Court documents show that Parler is worth more than US$1 billion (approximately Rs 72.5 billion) and declared that Matze is entitled to millions of US dollars in compensation and punitive damages.

Matze’s lawyers James Pisanelli and Todd Bice said in a brief statement on Tuesday that the lawsuit was designed to defend Matze’s rights, correct his improper dismissal, and resolve issues of contract violation and good faith.

The document identified Mercer as the daughter of Robert Mercer, Trump’s main donor, and the benefactor of the conservative website Breitbart News, and a founding investor in Parler. It says Matze is the founder. It says that the site name comes from the French word “speaking”.

It pointed to a post attributed to Mercer, which declared Parler as a “neutral platform for freedom of speech” and a “beacon for all who value freedom, freedom of speech and personal privacy.”

The lawsuit states: “Mershaddon did not protect Paller, but chose to use it as a symbol or’point of spear’ for her conservative brand.”

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