Press release. Pandora Finance ( Announced that they have successfully completed a seed round of financing of US$2.4 million. The Pandora team received commitments from some of the most well-known investors in the cryptocurrency field and ended this round of financing subscribed by multiple parties.

Strategic investor overview

At the end of the financing round, Pandora selected some of the most respected investors in the crypto space. Pandora’s strategic investors include Genesis Block, Spark Digital Assets, AU21, x21, NGC, Zookyo Ventures, Exnetwork, A195, Protocol Ventures, Genblock, Magnus Capital, Chain Asset Capital, Amesten, Crypto Dorm Fund and Master Ventures, as well as accredited Individual investors, such as Danish Chaudhari ( exchange), etc.

“GBV has been paying close attention to the development of NFT. In Pandora, we have found a unique and innovative solution that can bring liquidity to the NFT ecosystem. This represents a major breakthrough in the potential use cases of NFT!”

-Leslie Tam, co-founder and partner of Genesis Block Ventures.

“We are very happy to work with Pandora because they create greater interoperability and liquidity for traditionally illiquid assets and introduce new exposure opportunities for the blockchain. Pandora and NFT The ingenious integration of technology, comprehensive product suite and excellent team provide them with favorable conditions for successfully bridging the gap between digital assets and physical assets.

AU21 (


The Pandora protocol is a hybrid open financial solution that can solve the problems faced by traditional finance and decentralized finance. By building a bridge between real-world assets and assets on the chain, the protocol allows for the tokenization of non-current assets, which means that assets can be found, traded, and owned in a secure, decentralized manner.

In the past 12 months, NFT has become more and more popular. However, lack of liquidity has become a growing concern for many people. Pandora’s middleware solutions can bring liquidity to any NFT platform in the NFT ecosystem. This can take the form of tokenized real-world assets, or it can be achieved through digital asset NFTs. Pandora offers a significant advantage over other market-enabled technologies because they do not compete with other NFT platforms for liquidity, but instead help other platforms develop by inducing liquidity.

It is this technology that becomes the core of the future value of the Pandora protocol. Imagine that there can be a market where both digital native assets and real-world assets can find liquidity and accurate pricing, and at the same time, relevant on-chain data can be constantly updated. This will add important utility and uses to the NFT space and make them interchangeable, traded or borrowable.

What will happen next in Pandora

Pandora is not satisfied with opening up market liquidity to real-world assets, and is currently developing a new standard that will name PiNFT unique. This hybrid standard has the function of replaceable and non-fungible tokens, and its working principle is to wrap NFT around things with intrinsic value. Such as DAI. Then you can trade on Uniswap, Maker and AAVE, thus effectively realizing NFT cross-chain transactions on many platforms.

Looking forward to the rest of 2021, the Pandora team will continue to improve products and establish more partnerships to expand the effective coverage of the agreement. At the same time, the team behind Pandora is preparing for their IDO (initial DEX product).

“Pandora’s vision is to bridge the gap between assets on the chain and real assets through NFT. Our team with strong motivation is fully prepared to maximize the potential of the NFT ecosystem and bring liquidity to potential non- The world of liquid assets will revolutionize the NFT ecosystem.”.

– Pushkar Vohra, Founder and CEO of Pandora Finance

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About Pandora

Pandora builds a bridge between on-chain assets and real-world assets to form an open financial ecosystem. The protocol allows tokenization of non-current assets, which means that assets can be found, traded, borrowed, and owned in a secure and decentralized manner. Pandora not only provides middleware solutions to realize liquidity-enabled NFT, but also provides Dapp developers with the ability to use Pandora to provide liquidity for their users’ NFT.


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