The Pakistan High Court stated that the country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority can lift the blockade of the social media app TikTok, after government officials stated that the company is cooperating with them to monitor so-called “immoral” content.

The head of the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) told the court at a hearing in Peshawar on Thursday that the company is in talks with TikTok and the company has agreed to appoint a dedicated person to ensure better review of the content.

According to the government’s definition, “immoral” content includes nudity, profanity, and obscenity.

Qaiser Rashid Khan, Chief Justice of the Peshawar High Court, said at the hearing: “When people realize that the PTA will take action against them, they will no longer upload such videos.”

In a statement issued on Thursday, TikTok said: “We would like to thank the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority for its support and ongoing fruitful dialogue, and thank them for their concern for the digital experience of Pakistani users.”

On March 11, the court ordered the application to be blocked in the country based on a petition accusing it of obscene content. The court will continue hearing the case on May 25.

In October last year, PTA blocked TikTok for similar reasons, but 10 days later, it withdrew its decision, stating that the owner of the company, China-based ByteDance, had agreed to relax content on Pakistan.

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