London, UK-P2PLoan Finance-has successfully launched its decentralization protocol (borrow, borrow), which also includes its own Dapp on the Ethereum network.

P2PLoan Finance has officially released its fully functional website, making it easier to obtain loans. They promised to provide decentralized loans and borrowing before the beginning of October, and kept their promise. Its decentralized agreement (consisting of lending) will help many people get loans from its platform without encountering any KYC or other obstacles.

P2PLoan Finance provides a lending function through which users can obtain loans. It is believed that P2PLoan Finance is the only DeFi on the market today that provides the best interest rate, making it highly profitable for lenders, and P2PLoan Finance can afford borrowers. The team also stated that once the milestone is reached, more flexible offers will soon be available on the platform.

Decentralized agreement

Lender Agreement-The lender must deposit stable coins into P2PLoan Finance, will set the borrower’s deposit ratio, must also set a minimum percentage rate and set a lock-up time/period. P2P will perform all other tasks, such as safely getting it to the borrower and returning the profit to the lender.

Borrower Agreement-Borrowers who want to use P2PLoan Finance’s loans must use a certain amount or collateral for guarantees and can accept the loan. Once they have repaid the loan, the safe/collateralized amount of funds will be unlocked.

Dapp – P2PLoan Finance also launched its own Dapp running on the Ethereum network, allowing users to use it from any wallet they like (trust wallet, MEW, Metamask, etc.) to search for and use P2PL’s financing functions. Check Dapp here

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Official link

Website –

Telegram/Token Public Sale –

Dapp –

The token address verified by Etherscan Defi:-

70% of profits are distributed to token holders

P2PLoan Finance is unique in its borrowing pool and profit distribution. When it comes to profit distribution, the P2PL token (P2PLoan Finance’s native token) plays an important role in it. The fees collected from users using the platform will be divided into two categories, with 70% going to token holders and 30% going to team members.

Token public sale (65% discount)-only 15,000 tokens for sale

After the successful pre-sale, P2PLoan Finance was shocked by the support it received during the pre-sale and decided to vigorously promote its public sales. P2PLoan Finance began offering its public sales after the pre-sale, and its price 65 is on the P2PL token Enjoy a% discount. You will be able to purchase tokens for 35 USD per P2PL.This is the link to the public sale

P2PLoan Finance also issued some important announcements, such as listing its P2PL tokens on exchanges such as Uniswap, Whitebit and Probit before the end of October, and the initial listing price of each P2PL token is $100.

About P2PLoan Finance

P2PLoan Finance is a DE-FI (Decentralized Finance) project that aims to run a blockchain-based banking facility that will allow users to borrow and borrow funds. It works based on the simple principles of the banking system, but it is safe and secure. Troublesome and safe decentralized way. P2PL Finance is a product of RK Group Int Ltd. RK Group Int Ltd is a leading blockchain-based company whose HO is located in London, UK. It has several cryptocurrency projects involving “DE-FI, global payments, blockchain-based crypto cards, mobile wallets, news networks, etc.”.

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“We have been working hard to develop a convenient financing platform that will help every ordinary person get a loan immediately without KYC or overcome all other obstacles that ordinary financing banks face in front of ordinary people. We also pledge to diversify financing agreements Raised to a new level.” Mr. Rahul Keshri (CEO and co-founder of P2PL Finance & RK Group Int Ltd) said.


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