In recent days, Bitcoin Cash has made considerable gains, and supporters of digital currencies have a positive attitude towards specific developments, such as the current support of entrepreneur Kim Dotcom. On February 11, Lunar New Year, well-known Bitcoin mining executives Jiang Zhuoer and Wu Jihan joined the Satoshi’s Angels discussion channel and gave praise to the peer-to-peer encrypted Bitcoin Cash.

Several members from the marketing agency and umbrella organization Satoshi’s Angels said that well-known mining executives, co-founder Wu Jihan and .top founder Jiang Zhuoer seem to be very optimistic about Bitcoin Cash (BCH).Nakamoto Angel Organization (SA) is organized by Akane Yokoo, The organizer, educator and writer of the Tokyo Bitcoin Cash meetup Wang Xindi.

Both SA founders are supporters of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and have already popularized the many benefits of decentralized crypto assets to the masses. During the Lunar New Year, the SA founder and many other encryption supporters joined the WeChat channel to exchange red envelopes. Gift packs or red envelopes are monetary gifts that are very popular on special occasions in China and other Asian regions. Cindy Wang said that she had sent an email to Jihan and said: “I want to invite you to join our SA WeChat group to send red envelopes”

Wang said that Wu Jihan joined the group and distributed three very large red envelopes. One person left a message: “Happy State University of New York, fans of Angel and Angel,” another said, “I was lucky this year in Oxford”, and the third said: “No matter how much the price of BCH goes up , We must continue to build our country.” Wang told that she believes Wu Jihan Wu knows that “BCH will rise.”

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“We were all very excited and sent text messages:’I love accumulating sweat.’ Then a few people asked me to invite Jiang Zhuoer. I did it, and Jiang joined us.” Wang said.

The co-founder of Satoshi Nakamoto Angel stated in detail that Zall had a chat with the group and also sent a “big red envelope”. Some messages sent by Zall said: “Big guys will win,” “Big is beautiful, more is good”, he also said: “Leverage makes you homeless. Mining makes you rich.”

The SA co-founders are very excited about the optimism of Jiang Zhuoer and Wu Jihan’s Biosafety Information Exchange. Wang told “Even though Jihan has never understood what happened at Bitmain, all of us can say that he has a deep sense of Bitcoin Cash.” She added: “Jihan told me that he Reading our weekly Bitcoin Cash news, his appearance on New Year’s Eve really inspired the Chinese community.”

The discussions with Jiang Zhuoer and Wu Jihan follow the recent price increase of BCH because the crypto has already made huge gains during the weekend trading hours. On Saturday morning (EST), the price of BCH was US$549 per unit, and then hit a high of US$728 at 10:02 in the evening, a jump of 32.60%. At the time of its release on Sunday, BCH was trading at $688 per coin.

What do you think of the Lunar New Year encounter between Jiang Zhuoer and Wu Jihan and the founder of Satoshi Nakamoto Angel? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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