In essence, social media is a network-based communication tool that promotes continuous and instant interaction and information sharing between people.

On the one hand, social media can promote social interaction and promote solidarity. On the other hand, it will make your data available to the world and put personal privacy and information at risk. If this data can be linked and managed by each individual, social media can become a truly decentralized platform that primarily benefits users—not third parties. This is where the non-fungible token (NFT) comes in.

NFT is steadily becoming the future of artistic expression and providing users with real income. Create music and then be able to trade that music and/or earn royalties when the music is used elsewhere. This development of the digital world has completely changed the world of music production and turned art/music into income for NFT artists.

To achieve all of this through NFT, Omni’s goal is to open up the future of music through the NFT world and return the power of social media to users.

What is NFT?

NFT is hailed as a digital alternative to collectibles, which is essentially a tokenized artwork associated with a digital ownership certificate. Contrary to fungible assets (economically, they can be exchanged for other assets of similar value), NFTs are irreplaceable. This means that each NFT has unique attributes and cannot be interchanged.

NFT comes in many forms, from animation to images, to text and tweets, and more about music themes. Shape music into NFT, which can track, track and confirm the source and owner of music when using/playing specific music. Omni develops a monetization function from music NFT by rewarding music creators and owners on the Omni platform.

Imagine a musician, talented, and many people like his music. The musician has been performing on the streets and train stations for many years. He was introduced to the NFT ecosystem and how to use Omni to shape their music into a rewarding and monetizable NFT. Now, the musician’s music is played daily in user videos and other digital NFTs. Every time they use NFT music, musicians are rewarded-making their art available and generating income.

Omni Music NFT makes this possible.

Omni as the future of music NFT

Omni solves the negative social problems of modern social media culture and proposes a way to bring power back to users through multiple mechanisms (including NFT). The Omni Mega App can find yourself on smartphones all over the world.

By enabling users to create NFT sounds, bytes, mixes, and songs on the platform, NFT music artists can easily obtain traceable royalties while buying, selling, and exchanging the rights to each piece of work. As videos with these NFT sounds become popular, artists who own the NFT rights to the music will earn royalties based on their use. This model promotes the future development of music by merging NFTs and maintains the ownership of the artist’s music creation.

In addition, when a user makes a music NFT on Omni, the sound or music clip becomes identifiable and traceable. These two elements ensure that the creators of NFT music can rest assured that the origin of their work will always remain under their name-unless of course it is sold. This eliminates the need for copyright procedures, eliminates the pressure to ensure that the originality of the work is protected, and ultimately protects the artist’s work from defamation or fraud.

What is Omni?

Omni integrates all the functions of the world’s most famous social media applications (such as TikTok and Facebook) and reorganizes into a blockchain platform; Omni aims to reward users. Daily functions such as posting videos, sharing posts, or just talking with friends can all be used to reward users with Omni Coins (OMNI). Omni Coins aims to allow users to make profits as the company grows-thereby further motivating users to stay active and earn more OMNI. In addition, Omni tokens can be managed and used to purchase products on the Omni platform-only increasing the number of OMNI use cases.

As part of the decentralization movement, Omni understands that the platform can be a tool for active social reform. They are committed to setting new standards for society, the economy and the environment. By combining the functions of major social media platforms, returning power to users, and rewarding user activity through monetization-Omni is part of a new user-centric company.

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