According to Xinhua News Agency, this is China’s unmanned spacecraft carrying rocks and soil from the moon. It is the first mission to collect lunar samples in four months and has returned to Earth safely.

Xinhua News Agency quoted the China National Space Administration as saying that the return capsule of the space probe called Chang’e-5 landed in the Inner Mongolia region of northern China.

After decades of hard work, Beijing is seeking to catch up with the United States and Russia, and match the achievements of its opponents, and has invested billions of dollars in its military-run space program.

The spacecraft was named after the mythical Chinese moon goddess. It landed on the moon on December 1 and began its return voyage two days later. The Chinese Space Administration said it raised the Chinese flag on the moon.

Scientists hope that these samples will help them understand the origin of the moon, its surface formation and volcanic activity.

Following the United States and the Soviet Union in the 1960s and 1970s, China became the only country to take samples from the moon to perform this mission.

This is the first such attempt since the Soviet Union carried out the Luna 24 mission in 1976.

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According to a report in the scientific journal Nature, the mission of the spacecraft was to collect two kilograms (4.5 pounds) of material in the Procellarum area of ​​Oceania called the “Ocean of Storms”, which was previously a huge undeveloped lava plain.

Under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, his so-called China “Space Dream” program was pushed up.

China hopes to have a manned space station by 2022 and eventually send humans to the moon.

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