Office (United States) and Song Fei Netflix is coming soon, the latter is coming soon Very Soon, Advertisement Shout learned. It’s time to buy more and sponges. All nine seasons (18 seasons and 381 episodes) of these two beloved, award-winning sitcoms will be released. 180 episodes Song FeiStarting on Friday, October 1, Netflix will broadcast exclusively for the entire nine seasons. Three weeks later, episode 201 of the nine seasons of the office will be broadcast on Netflix in on Saturday, October 23. At the time of writing, Song Fei It’s on SonyLIV, and the office is on Amazon Prime Video.

Song FeiNetflix’s joining Netflix is ​​part of a five-year global agreement signed between the streaming service and copyright holder Sony Pictures in 2019.this means Song Fei It will not be available on SonyLIV after the end of September. However, it is not how the Indian deal between Netflix and The Office will affect its availability elsewhere. Will it be exclusively available to Netflix in India, or will it continue to be played on Prime Video? Advertisement Shout has contacted Netflix, Amazon and NBCUniversal for comments. The copyright of The Office (US) belongs to NBCUniversal Television.

Currently, Netflix owns the rights to The Office in at least seven international markets, including Australia, Canada, Japan, Iceland, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom. But in India, since Amazon launched a subscription video platform in the country, The Office has been playing on Prime Video. For some viewers, this is a huge gain for Netflix. Like “Friends”, The Office has a strong and loyal following around the world. Friends often appear in Netflix’s daily “ 10” in India. It will be interesting to see the performance of The Office.

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It turns out that nostalgia for old comfort sitcoms has a lot of appeal to streaming service subscribers-at least outside of India. So much so that NBCUniversal’s fledgling platform Peacock paid 500 million US dollars (about 37.1 billion rupees) to take back all nine seasons of The Office from Netflix in the United States. HBO Max also spent more than 425 million U.S. dollars (approximately Rs 3,153 crore) to take Friends from Netflix in the United States. Netflix paid more than $500 million to obtain global streaming rights Song FeiIt is said that Netflix pays 70 to 80 million U.S. dollars (about 519 to 593 crore rupees) per year to keep Friends out of the United States.

Nine seasons Song Fei Aired on Netflix in on October 1. All nine seasons of “The Office” (US) aired on October 23.