Google is automatically executing subtitles on Eros Now. On Monday, ErosSTX announced that it has partnered with Google Cloud to use the latter’s “artificial intelligence (AI) technology” to generate subtitles for the entire catalog of Eros Now movies and original works. Now, Eros claims that this is the world’s first streaming service that automates what was previously called a “manual and demanding workflow.” Eros Now’s automatic subtitles will be available first in Arabic, followed by “other important markets”, which consume Indian programs all over the world.

ErosSTX revealed that it took data scientists more than six months to perfect Google Cloud’s automated processes because it had to deal with various challenges-gender-independent language and punctuation constitute the biggest obstacle. Eros Now claims that it can handle multiple genres and language modernizations, and the automatic subtitle system performs functions equivalent to “human level”, which is bold and necessary considering the cultural nuances of subtitles.

Google Cloud on an AI framework and a large amount of pre-existing data to create automatic subtitles for Eros Now, and the internal ErosSTX team trains the model. In other words, they are doing machine learning. Now, Eros Now believes that this will help increase audience participation and bring “text-to-speech” automation opportunities in the future.

“Eros has always been a pioneer in adopting technology to meet audience needs and to build deeper connections with audiences by providing unlimited entertainment,” Ali Hussein, CEO of Eros Now, said in a prepared statement. “Innovative applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning will provide global audiences with customized subtitle content, allowing us to target more subscribers and drive participation in Eros Now’s rich consumer products.”

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Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director of Google Cloud India added: “With the power of AI built on Google Cloud, Eros Now can provide automatic subtitles to further enhance the viewing experience of its users.”

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