The notorious Joseph Maldonado, also known as the documentary series “Tiger King: Murder, Chaos and Madness”, also known as “Joe Exotic”, launched his own Ethereum-based token. According to the website, the project will also have a non-fungible token (NFT), and the proceeds from NFT sales will be used to help Joe Exotic’s legal defense team and tiger rescue funds.

“Tiger King” Joe · Foreign Land (Tiger King) launched ERC20 tokens

The documentary series “Tiger King” has Announce The reality TV star’s official Twitter account stated that it launched a new cryptocurrency asset called “TKING”. News reported on the popular documentary series last year when it was discovered that Jo Ex Exotic’s costar Carole Baskin had accepted Bitcoin’s big cat rescue. According to the website, Exotic is now “back again,” and everyone who developed ERC20 tokens for him has minted 1 trillion TKING tokens.

“The legend of Joe Exotic has been published on the Ethereum blockchain! The website pointed out that the world’s people have learned to call the tiger king from the popular Netflix documentary, this time it is a digital currency again. “The developers are very happy. Presented Joe’s official cryptocurrency to the global public and got his own approval. “

Of the trillion tokens, developers claim to consume 35% of the token supply. The development team also specified that TKING tokens are “deflationary” in design because “the consumption rate of each transaction is 2%.” The website states:

Joe will always be the king of tigers, but his colorful career has earned him heavy legal fees to combat corrupt legal systems. Now, he is also facing the cost of cancer treatment.

Tiger King (Tiger King) received a certain percentage of the stealth launch of tokens, and Exotic’s big nemesis Carole Baskin (Carole Baskin) first launched CAT tokens

According to the announcement, Joe owns a certain percentage of TKING tokens and received them during the “invisible issuance of tokens”. The site insists that “every purchase will increase the value of his suitcase.”

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Joe Maldonado from the documentary series “Tiger King: Murder, Chaos and Madness” launched the ERC20 token. Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison on January 22, 2019.

Interestingly, Exotic’s costar Carole Baskin first launched a cryptocurrency and announced the project in the first week of May. Fox 13 News asked Baskin because she was well-known that perhaps the “major exchange” might list her CAT token.

Baskin explained in an interview: “People in the industry told me that its name can be recognized, people love cats so much, and the buzzing is loud, but this is not the current thing,”.

Of course, the website also mentions Nessis Baskin, Exotic’s main enemy.

The TKING team insists: “We will never let Carole win.” “Looking for the inner Tiger, just like Joe, $TKING and his legal team staged a comeback this century. We will land the first tiger on the moon, To release Joe. Team Joe wins!”

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