The Defi revolution has brought new opportunities for cryptocurrency investors, but major improvements still need to be made in the current ecosystem. For example, today’s most popular coin exchange service depends on Ethereum and its ridiculously high gasoline prices. Nimera Swap uses the DeFi exchange platform to provide a solution to this problem, which has lower network fees than Ethereum-based solutions and supports various tokens.

Low-cost DeFi trading platform

Nimera Swap is a new service where you can easily exchange encrypted assets or provide liquidity and earn passive income. The service is developed by Nimera, a developer of the blockchain ecosystem. To celebrate this new platform, Nimera will allocate 10,000 USDT among the service’s liquidity providers and provide rewards based on your percentage of total liquidity. For more detailed information on upcoming promotions, please visit the platform’s website Nimera.Exchange.

Compared with existing platforms such as Uniswap, this new service has many advantages. For experienced users, the most obvious difference may be the charge price. Although the earlier coin exchange system relied on Ethereum and therefore the price of natural gas remained high, Nimera Swap has its own EON blockchain. This means that compared to Ethereum-driven alternatives, the cost can be lower. In fact, the price of the right choice is as low as 0.5%.

If you are not familiar with DeFi exchange, Nimera Swap has many advantages over traditional encrypted exchange platforms. One of the most exciting of these advantages is the possibility of liquidity mining, also known as income agriculture, which is a method of obtaining passive income from holding crypto assets by acting as a liquidity provider of services. Unlike the popular DeFi platform, projects need to pass an evaluation before accessing the platform. This minimizes the chance of trading and liquidity providers encountering scam coins. The user interface of the Nimera Swap platform also makes it easier for new traders to use because it does not have the confusing features of centralized exchanges, such as order books and complex charts.

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Nimera Swap provides a low-cost DeFi exchange platform and supports any blockchain

Another major advantage of Nimera Swap over the older DeFi platform is its support for various blockchains. As mentioned above, the new service does not rely on Ethereum, so it can support all types of assets and is not limited to providing ERC-20 tokens like Uniswap. This may open a wider world of investment possibilities for crypto traders.

In addition to traders and investors, Nimera Swap is also very attractive for projects that want liquidity for their tokens. The service will allow listed projects to create liquidity pools with multiple markets, use market-making tools, and have the ability to develop their investor community.

Nimera Swap provides a low-cost DeFi exchange platform and supports any blockchain

“Our goal is to create an ideal startup platform for the project by providing community management tools for the project, detailed public profiles to help share their strengths with the world, and a profile page for performance analysis,” project leader Ivan Skladchikov explain. Marketing by Nimera. “We provide an attractive approach to the project.”

To learn more about the Nimera exchange platform and upcoming new service promotions, please visit Nimera.Exchange now!

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