Press release. Although Ethereum has given way to a brave new world of decentralized financial applications, the application is completely disallowed, accessible, and groundbreaking in many respects. However, it does this on an experimental basis, and the cost is high. Ethereum provides a foundation on which these decentralized applications can be built, but it is not yet ready for the promotion and adoption on a global scale.

Simple transactions on the Ethereum network may cost more than $10, and interacting with smart contracts may even be several times more expensive. Although the undeniable success of Ethereum has given it a strong DeFi community, as well as a large number of transactions in decentralized transactions and total value lock-in (currently totaling close to 40B USD), its infrastructure is simply not good for widespread use ready. When the network is highly used, congestion will lead to block space competition, which will push up the standard gas fee.

This is where Next chain On the shoulders of giants such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, NEXT.chain uses the essence of both to create a DeFi-ready chain for companies and typical users to use to meet all their decentralized financial needs. From permissionless transactions to decentralized asset issuance (with a few button clicks), and the creation of DAOs or NFTs.

Why NEXT.chain is the next big thing in DeFi

So, what makes NEXT.chain stand out? Well, the project uses decades of well-known and tested technologies with Bitcoin as the core, but it has been expanded with multiple new features and features, such as the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and having more than 200 peers Verified Masternode network for faster transaction speed and support for private transmission (up to 10,000 transactions per second).

It also provides a merged mining option, which can incentivize community members and developers to use and build on NEXT to draw inspiration from the Bitcoin mining community. Through API integration for third parties, this will become more apparent.

NEXT.chain is not only suitable for miners, but also for the general public. This is why fees will always remain low, and aliases will become an important part of the NEXT ecosystem, allowing users to send money to their contacts instead of long random alphanumeric characters. In order to guide NEXT.chain and provide end users with a seamless payment experience, NEXT.chain cooperates with PayAccept. PayAccept By acting as a fiat gateway, anyone can easily enter the once intimidating world of DeFi, which will help users convert their fiat currency into digital assets that can be used in DeFI.

The NEXT token will rely on the classic governance aspects of blockchain technology to ensure the longevity of the network and community by allowing NEXT token holders to make suggestions and vote on improvements.

NEXT.chain announces liquidity equity event

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NEXT.chain adopted a milestone-based approach in the development process, focusing first on the development and issuance of assets, the decentralized trading of assets, and the liquidity provided for automatic market maker transactions.

The simplicity behind asset issuance in NEXT.chain is bound to attract new and existing companies that are looking for flexible and secure simple financial smart contracts that require minimal complexity and risk.

Projects will be able to raise funds through a user-friendly interface, allowing them to lock in liquidity and make assets available for trading. The simplicity of NEXT.chain’s phased development will inevitably attract new and existing projects to the platform, and easily bring these communities into the NEXT.chain ecosystem to make it grow organically.

Click here to enter the whitelist to participate in NEXT.chain Liquidity chip event organized by Safu Investments And become part of the next wave of adoption of DeFi.

About NEXT.Chain:

NEXT.Chain was established on April 23, 2019 and is part of a group of companies headquartered in the Netherlands, focusing on DeFi and blockchain technology. The group is currently obtaining an electronic currency license to establish a fiat-to-crypto gateway and deploy cryptocurrency payments on e-commerce platforms.

The NEXT.chain project is a new blockchain platform that draws on the concepts of security and simplicity of Bitcoin 2.0, master node technology and other concepts, while providing companies with Web 3.0 that is easy to use and implement. DeFi solutions.


Founded in 2020, is a DeFi-centric Presale platform that has the function of Uniswap to automatically list and lock liquidity provider tokens, making it easy for DeFi projects to start and guide projects with verifiable vesting periods.




Telegram chat:

Phone number: +31 85 3030600
Address: Forum 810, Flight DV 5657, Eindhoven, Netherlands

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