A New York Times columnist sold one of his articles in digital form for US$563,000 (approximately Rs 4 crore). This is the latest example of a NFT that collectors sold out.

The article by Keven Roose entitled “Buy this column on the blockchain” itself is intended to try to test the market and what kind of goods are sold in the form of “NFT”.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital objects, such as pictures, music, photos or videos, with a certificate of authenticity created by blockchain technology.

Identity verification through a computer network is considered inviolable.

Virtual objects are actually computer files that can be exchanged or sold with their certificates.

During the pandemic, as wealthy collectors turn to the digital market, NFT has become more and more popular in the past six months.

On Monday, Twitter’s sender, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) won the bid at the auction. ) Sold at the price.

Earlier this month, the digital collage of American artist Beppel was sold at Christie’s auction house for US$69.3 million (approximately Rs 5.04 billion), setting a new record for NFT.

“Why can’t reporters join the NFT party?” Rose asked in the column.

At the end of the 24-hour auction, a collector who claimed to be Farzin won the article with 350 Ethereum (a major cryptocurrency) worth US$563,000 (approximately Rs 4 crore).

Technical columnist Roose said: “I just stared at my monitor and laughed uncontrollably.” Wrote on Twitter After sale.

Roose said that the proceeds will be donated to charities supported by The New York Times after deducting 15% of the fees from the foundation platform that organized the auction.

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