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New Jersey Gym claims that the state has confiscated $173,000 from the bank, and the owner discussed cryptocurrency solutions with Tucker Carlson

On January 14, Ian Smith, co-owner of the Atilis Stadium in New Jersey, appeared on Fox News with news anchor Tucker Carlson and discussed his relationship with the New Jersey coronavirus lockdown Let’s fight. Smith and his business partners have violated the state’s lockdown order and have been open for several months. The Bellmawr agency was fined $15k per day because the company did not comply with the provisions of the Covid-19 agreement. On Wednesday night, New Jersey allegedly took action and confiscated $173,613 from the bank account of the stadium owner.

Atilis Gym owner claims that New Jersey has confiscated $173,000 from its bank account

The co-owner of Atilis Gym, a Belmawo (NJ) agency in New Jersey, was very frustrated because he said his legal funds were confiscated by the state on Wednesday. Ian Smith He and his business partner Frank Trumbetti own and operate the stadium. Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, companies have refused to comply with the Covid-19 agreement implemented by the state.

Co-owners of Ian Smith (left) and Frank Trumbetti (right), Atilis Gym, Bellmawr (NJ), New Jersey.

For example, Atilis Gym does not require fitness customers to wear masks during exercise. After refusing to comply with the lockdown agreement designated by New Jersey Governor Philip Murphy and State Health Commissioner Judith Persirridge, Atilis Gym was fined $15,000 a day for keeping it open in this way.

In July, New Jersey law enforcement officers blocked the entrance to Atilis Gym and arrested Smith and Trumbetti in violation of court orders. A week later, Smith and Trumbetti filmed their own film, breaking the barricade that the state used to block the gate of Atilis Gym. Smith and his partner emphasized that there were zero Covid-19 cases traced back to the stadium.

After starting to impose additional fines of $15k per day, the fines imposed on New Jersey companies have so far climbed to more than one million dollars. This week, Smith posted a message on Twitter that the state government seized $173,613 from the bank account of the stadium owner on Wednesday, thereby strengthening law enforcement.

Smith Said:

A moment ago, Governor Murphy and his cronies confiscated 100% of Atilis Gym’s legal defense fees (US$173,613.60) during our appeal process, effectively and intentionally interfering with our legal rights. If you think that will disappoint us, you are wrong.

The owner of the New Jersey State Stadium says cryptocurrency is one of the most common suggestions

After the tweet, how many people recommended The owner of Atilis Gym accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. After the funds were confiscated, Smith also appeared on Fox News, where he discussed the incident with news anchor Tucker Carlson.

“This is in the midst of the appeal process and ongoing litigation concerning fines and a number of other matters related to the state, including against Governor Murphy and [the State Health Commissioner] Judith Persichilli (Judith Persichilli). “Smith told Carlson. In the episode, Tucker Carlson also mentioned the subject of cryptocurrency.

“How long do you think they will allow cryptocurrency to exist,” Carlson asked the boss of Atilis Gym to mock himself.Carlson continued to laugh and further said: “I’m sorry, it’s just that they couldn’t grasp your idea…” Smith answered Carlson’s cryptocurrency comment and said: “No, they can’t [seize crypto]. “

The owner of Atilis Gym further added:

For people who want to continue donating, this is actually one of the common suggestions to set up a cryptocurrency account.

It is not yet certain whether Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti will set up a cryptocurrency account to accept censorship-resistant donations. Regardless of whether the owner of Atilis Gym decides to accept cryptocurrency, this story still highlights the benefits of crypto assets such as Bitcoin that cannot be seized in this way. This may be why digital currency is one of the most common advice given to owners of New Jersey stadiums. Despite Smith’s recent statements on Twitter and Fox News, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office disputed the seized money.

A NJAG spokesperson told the news anchor Carlson: “This information is not accurate.” “The state has not confiscated yet. [its] Bank account funds. However, the state has already obtained the verdict on all of them and intends to recover them. A NJAG spokesperson added: “Will this affect the full balance of the stadium funds?”

What do you think of Atilis Gym boss’s problem with the country? Do you think they should accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments section below.

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