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New Cruella trailer finds Emma Stone loves her Cruella face

Crurea With the new trailer, there are still more than seven weeks to go before the May 28th release date. On Wednesday, Disney launched a second trailer to promote the story of the 101 iconic villains of Dalmatians led by Emma Stone. Part of the trailer is Doris Day (Doris Day). ) The song “Maybe, Maybe, Maybe”. In it, the fashionista Baroness von Hellmann (Emma Thompson) told the aspiring designer Estella Deville (Stone) that she doesn’t care about others because they are just obstacles to her path. “You are talented. The baroness added: “Whether you have killer instincts is a big question. “But Estella was fired by the Baroness, and she went to a party to make a scene, set her clothes on fire, and put on high heels, as she pointed out. Then, she introduced herself as Cruella.

leftover Crurea The trailer introduced the plot of the Disney movie and found out that she had recruited some thieves and crooks, including Atty (John McCrea), Horace Badun (Paul Walter Hauser) and Jia Jasper Badun (Joel Fry), caused more troubles to the Baroness, including stealing her precious Dalmatians and adjusting her haute couture dress aggressively. Estella’s friend Anita (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) told her that she has some extremes and can answer in the most elegant accent: “Yes, my dear, what kind of fun is that.” This also implies that the Baroness does not know Estella. Dissident to Cruella, because they had a late communication in the exchange. Crurea trailer.

In addition to Stone, Thompson, McCrea, Hauser, Fry and Howell-Baptiste, Crurea Also played by Mark Strong (Kingsman: Secret Service) as the spokesperson for the Baroness, Boris, and Emily Beecham (hail, Caesar!) as Catherine ), Jamie Demetriou (Flea bag, Stath Lets Flats (Stath Lets Flats) plays Gerald (Gerald), and Haruka Abe (Haruka Abe) plays Liberty.Behind the scenes, directed by Craig Gillespie (Tonia) Crurea A script by Dana Fox and Tony McNamara. Andrew Gunn (Weird Friday), Mark Pratt (Return of Mary Poppins) and Christine Burr (Christopher Robin) Is the producer, among which Michelle Wright, Jared LeBoff, Glenn Close and Stone are the executive producers.

This is the official feed Crurea From Disney:

Oscar winner Emma Stone (Emma Stone) played the lead role in Disney’s “Cruula”, a new live-action film about one of the most notorious and infamous villains in the film industry One, the rebellious era of the legendary Crura Deville. Cruella was born in the London punk rock revolution in the 1970s, followed by the young gift dealer Estella. She is a smart and creative girl who is determined to pass her own Famous for design. She befriends a pair of young thieves who appreciate her appetite for pranks, and together they can make a living for themselves on the streets of London. One day, Estella’s fashion talent attracted the attention of two fashion legends, Baroness von Hellman, played by Oscar-winning Emma Thompson. But their relationship has inspired a series of events and revelations that will make Estella embrace her evil side and become the noisy, fashionable and vindictive Cruella.

Crurea It will be shown in cinemas around the world including India on May 28, and Disney + will be used on Premier + in some markets. It is expected to debut on Disney + Hotstar on August 27th, Hua Mulan And Raya and the last dragon.

New Cruella poster

new Crurea Poster mentioning Disney+
Image source: Disney

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