Netflix is ​​planning to enter the video game market. The streaming platform hired former Electronic Arts and Facebook executive Mike Verdu as its vice president of game development. Netflix currently only offers movies and TV shows on its platform, and has been hinting at entering the video game market for some time. In addition, Netflix announced that it will launch two new services-Kids Recap Email and Kids Top 10-designed to make the platform more suitable for children.

According to Bloomberg News, citing sources familiar with the matter, Netflix plans to expand its horizons by entering the video game market before next year. These games may appear in a new type of programming-similar to their documentaries and stand-up specials-and may initially be available for free. It is said that Verdu reports directly to Greg Peters, chief operating officer of Netflix. It is said that this move is a way for Netflix to further develop in saturated markets such as the United States.

Netflix has hinted at entering the video game market for some time. Its first direction is the free game Stranger Things mobile game released at E3 2019. In May, Netflix announced that it was looking for an executive to help increase its investment in the video game market. The streaming platform had earlier tried interactive movies and TV shows, such as “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” and “Carmen Sandygo”.

The streaming platform also announced two new services aimed at making the platform more suitable for children. The first is called Kids Recap Email, which allows parents to understand their children’s content preferences, recommendations based on their favorite shows on Netflix, and printable coloring sheets and activities inspired by their favorite movies, shows, and characters . Netflix will also provide parents with popular themes and theme charts, showing children’s favorite shows. Tips will also be provided to parents to improve their children’s viewing experience on Netflix and set up parental controls on personal profiles. The service will start on July 16th and will be available to users who have active child profiles in their accounts.

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Another new addition to Netflix is ​​the Kids Top 10 row. It will display the top 10 books that are most popular with children (updated daily) and their maturity ratings. Headings that enter the Kids Top 10 row will have a red “Top 10” badge on all devices. The list can be found in the “New and Popular” section of the “Kids” profile homepage or in the menu bar. The Kids Top 10 line has been launched for users in 93 countries/regions.

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