Netflix plans to provide a free trial version of its to everyone in a country over a weekend. Netflix chief product officer Greg Peters (Greg Peters) revealed on Tuesday’s earnings call that the new plan will begin in India and gradually roll out to the global market. Netflix has offered a 30-day free trial, allowing new users to test its service and watch some web series before subscribing. However, just earlier this month, the Los Gatos, California-based company terminated its free trial program in the United States, although the program is still available in including India.

CPO Peters said in a third-quarter earnings interview with Netflix that the new trial promotion is just “an example” of the company’s plans. Executives called the plan “an idea to Web streaming services to new audiences.”

“[W]e thinks that giving everyone in a country/region free access to Netflix on weekends may be a way for many new people to learn about the shocking stories we have, the service, how the works, really create events, and Peters is accepting Buck Kannan Venkateshwar, a media analyst at Barclays, said in an interview.

The exact details of the new trial have not been disclosed. It is unclear whether it will coexist with the existing 30-day free trial version that is still available in India and some other markets, although it has recently been discontinued in the United States.

A Netflix spokesperson told Advertisement Shout, “We are always looking for different marketing promotions to attract new members and provide them with a Netflix experience.”

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Netflix often tests multiple features and promotional offers at the same time. This helps to understand the different requirements of the audience and make appropriate updates. In addition, it also runs unique promotional programs in different around the world. Therefore, the new free trial version is likely to be unavailable globally and will be limited to certain markets when testing in India.

Having said that, Netflix does need to increase its competitiveness to compete with platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar, as well as expand its user base (although this growth did not meet expectations), although as of September 30, global users Has exceeded 19.5 billion. This is an increase from the 19,290 million users as of June 30. However, the company predicts that it will add 2.5 million new users in the third quarter. 300,000 fewer subscribers than the actual increase during the period.

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