According to reports, Netflix is ​​launching a new “Children’s Activity Report” to help parents understand what their children are playing on the platform. The report mainly includes a classification of the content that children are watching recently, which is their favorite character, and suggestions based on the way children watch. Netflix also began testing the new “family profile” settings. This profile will essentially provide users with the opportunity to organize all family content in one place.

The Verge reported that as part of the global test, Netflix has started to launch a new “Child Activity Report” to parents via email this weekend. Currently only available in certain markets. Netflix provides the option of opt-in to these regular reports to gain insight into children’s viewing data. In addition to providing detailed information about children’s favorite shows, it also provides data on who their favorite character is and recommends new shows. “Children’s Activity Report” also provides jokes of the day, coloring pages for favorite Netflix characters for printing, and a quiz game with children based on their favorite characters.

Michelle Parsons, head of Netflix’s product innovation team, told The Verge: “Most parents will know their children’s preferences based on the Halloween costumes or toys they request during Christmas, but we don’t You don’t always know what these shows are about,” Parson said. “In essence, what is this show?” The report aims to help parents better connect with their children by understanding what their children are watching without having to watch them in person. As mentioned earlier, parents will need to choose to receive periodic reports, and they can opt out at any time.

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Netflilx’s “Family Profile” setting brings together family-friendly programs and movies in one profile
Photo Credit: Edge

In addition, it is reported that Netflix has begun testing new family profile settings worldwide. It will help bring family-friendly shows and movies together. Netflix relies on an algorithm to understand people’s interests and provide results based on this result.

The Netflix Family Profile currently limits movies to PG-13 ratings and TV shows to TV-14 ratings. The company said that this does not allow more mature movies and TV shows, but if it becomes a popular requirement, Netflix may add a setting to allow the addition of titles beyond PG-13 and TV-14 ratings. As part of the global test, family profile settings will be launched today.

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