Netflix now allows Android users to change the playback speed and can choose between 0.5 times (half the speed) and 1.5 times (50% of the speed) in increments of 0.25. This makes it the first major streaming service to provide this feature. For a long time, some members have been asking for this feature, especially those who are deaf, hearing impaired, blind or visually impaired. Netflix’s playback speed control is still not on par with YouTube, it allows users to increase from 0.25 times to 2 times in similar increments. Netflix is ​​about to start testing it on iOS and on the website, but there are no TV plans yet. It started testing on Android in October last year.

The Verge was the first to report on Netflix’s new playback speed controls on Android devices, noting that subscribers will have to manually select the features of each title they choose. This helps ensure that Netflix members do not accidentally see slower or faster content than expected, and hopes to alleviate the worries caused by the entertainment industry (mainly Hollywood). Although the deaf community praised Netflix, the streaming service said that The Verge pointed out that Aaron Paul and directors Judd Apatow and Brad Bird ) And the like strongly oppose its existence.

Netflix claims to work with film producers to ensure that slowing down or speeding up content will not affect content quality. This includes, but is not limited to, automatically adjusting the pitch to ensure that the audio is not distorted. Keela Robison, Netflix’s vice president of product innovation, said in the statement: “We have also noticed some creators’ concerns. That’s why we limit the range of playback speeds and require members to change the speed every time they watch new content-and The setting is not fixed based on the last speed used.”

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Netflix said it has conducted “extensive surveys” showing that watching the same titles with or without this feature will not affect people’s perceptions of content quality, which is essential for people with disabilities. Robison said: “For many years, members have been strongly demanding this feature. Most importantly, our tests have shown that whether it is re-watching their favorite scenes or slowing down, because consumers are watching subtitles or have hearing impairments. , Consumers value its flexibility.”

It seems that Netflix’s new playback speed control is slowly rolling out because Advertisement Shout cannot see the feature on the three separate accounts of each device in India.

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