Netflix announced an update to its Android app, which will bring “Play something” and “Laugh” features. The former is a shuffle function, which was first discovered and tested in May and added to the TV application as a feature in April. The Fast Laughs function is similar to TikTok, in which random small comic clips are displayed quickly. This first appeared in the iOS app in March. Fast Laughs displays a full- vertical video in the auto-playing source.

Netflix’s Play Something update is currently only available to Android users. The video streaming platform mentioned that it will first test this feature on iOS in the next few months. However, since March, a new quick laugh feature for Android has been available on iOS devices.

After the user selects a profile, they can use Netflix’s “play something” function through a new button added to the home screen. It is visible in the lower right corner, above the bottom menu bar. The PlaySomething button is hovering over the content on the main screen. It is basically a random play option that can play movies or TV shows that Netflix thinks the user might want to watch.

However, the shuffle function is not random, because Netflix will only play content based on the user’s interest and previous viewing behavior. The PlaySomething feature will continue content that the user may have started but not completed, added to their watch list, or new content that the Netflix algorithm may recommend to the user.

In addition, Netflix has added a TikTok-like feature-Fast Laughs to its mobile application. This function displays random small funny clips in a full- vertical format in the auto-play source. Fast Laughs has its own dedicated menu in the bottom bar and Family, Coming soon, with download. This feature was first launched in the iOS app in March, and the clips featured here will come from a huge library of stand-up comedy in the genre of TV shows, movies, and comedies.

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