Netflix announced four Indian documentaries and film series for 2021, including three new documentary series. In the documentary series, we have the “secret house”: the death of Burari of dry goods director Leena Yadav, the deputy media and the Indian predator of “India Today”, and “Crime Story: About the Bangalore City Police Indian Detective. The rest is Karan Johar’s Ma Anand Sheela (Ma Anand Sheela) documentary, now titled: Searching for Sheela (Sheela).

The list of four original documentaries in India is part of Netflix’s “Next India Event” on Wednesday, which is the world’s largest subscription streaming service with a list of 41 titles-including original series, movies, documentaries, reality TV And stand-up comedy specials-most of which will be released in the 2021 calendar year.

Netflix India announced 41 movies in 2021: 13 movies, 15 movies, etc.

Netflix renews Kota Factory, Jamtara, Mismatch, Masaba Masaba, Little Things, she is the new season

Netflix will release 13 Indian movies in 2021, including 5 new movies led by Sonakshi Sinha, Taapsee Pannu and others

Netflix will launch 15 Indian TV series in 2021, 5 of which are led by Raveena Tandon, Madhavan and others

Netflix updated the wonderful life of Bollywood wife, this is the important day of season 2

Here is more content from four Netflix India documentaries-

With the unprecedented contact of the Bangalore City Police, Crime Story: Indian Detective From reporting crimes to arresting suspects, we have been conducting major criminal investigations. From murder to kidnapping to blackmail, every movie follows a shocking and high-profile case in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley. Filming with senior police officers at home and at work, this is a unique window to understand the life of Bangalore police officers as they try to discover the most complex and serious crimes in the city.

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Claire Cahill and Tarun Saldanh served as producers, and Jack Warrender and N. Amit directed “Crime Story” : Indian Detective.

Secret House: Burari’s death Explore the intricacies and sometimes hidden ways of working in traditional Indian families. This three-part documentary series is an exploratory study of a case that shocked the entire country: the infamous Burari case, in which an 11-year-old “happy” family member (across three generations) was found dead in a house in Delhi in.

Yadav is the screener, director and producer of Show of Secrets, with Anubhav Chopra as the director and Asem Bajaj (Aseem). Bajaj and Yogendra Mogre are producers. The Secret House is the work of Yamini Pictures.

Image Credit: Mustafa Quraishi / Netflix

Indian predator This is a thrilling and suspenseful documentary series that attempts to interpret the thoughts of some of India’s deadliest killers. The series reveals unprecedented details of the terrible killings, as people at the center of these crimes talk about what happened.

Ayesha Sood, Umesh Kulkarni, Ashwin Shetty and Dheeraj Jindal directed the series of Indian Predators. Indian Predator is produced by Vice Media and Today Today.

Osho’s controversial former secretary, Ma Anand Sheela, returned to India after 34 years in exile. Since the Netflix documentary “Wild Wild Country” (Wild Wild Country) was very popular, Sheela (Sheela) has once again become famous, and now her life has swept the world. Looking for Sheila It was an intimate observation of her journey in India, observing that she was renamed as a pop culture icon, and the audience could not decide whether they thought she was a “criminal” or remained in awe of her dirty secretary era.

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Shakun Batra is the executive producer of “Search for Sheela”. Johar, Apoorva Mehta and Somen Mishra served as producers. Searching for Sheela is the work of Dharmatic Entertainment and Jouska Films.