So far, Netflix has announced three original works from India in October. The millennial comedy series Little Things starring Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal (also creator) will end its fourth and final season on October 15. Then there is “Call My Agent: Bollywood”, a of the French series “Call My Agent”. Rajat Kapoor, Soni Razdan, Ayush Mehra and Aahana Kumra play four talent agents from Mumbai, each episode There are cameos of Bollywood celebrities. On October 8, the documentary series “Secret House: The Death of Blarri”, produced by Parched director Leena Yadav, told about the mysterious deaths of 11 family members.

Internationally, Jake Gyllenhaal starred in the American of the Danish film “Guilty”-released on Netflix on October 1st-telling the tragic day of the 9/11 operator. At the end of this month, on October 29th, Matthias Schweighöfer of the Army of the Undead will launch an Italian work-style prequel gang of thieves. Joe, played by Penn Badgley, got married and had children in the third season of the psychological thriller You, which was released on October 15th. The supernatural horror film “Locke & Key”, released on October 22, returns for the second season. In the limited drama “The Maid” on October 1, Margaret Qualley played the role of a single mother fleeing an abusive relationship, inspired by the best-selling memoir of the same name.

If you want to try something different, it is the Mesoamerican animation epic “Maya and the Trio”, Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Alfred Molina, Rita Mo The voices of Renault and others are here for you. Maya and the Three will air all nine half-hour episodes on Netflix on October 22nd. On October 5th, fans of WWE and interactive content may wish to “play” Escape the Undertaker, an interactive special show where The New Day trio tries to survive the eerie mansion of The Undertaker.

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Netflix’s October impact on big-name brands is a bit small.In fact, the biggest news may be Song Fei And The Office (US)-two beloved and award-winning sitcoms-will be released on Netflix India in October. As Netflix will premiere its live-action version on Cowboy Bebop in November, the streaming giant has decided to obtain an original animation license in October.

Netflix India released in October 2021-full list

With this, here is a complete list of movies and TV shows that will be released on Netflix India in October 2021. We have marked Netflix original movies in bold.

October to be determined
Heartbreak Astrology Guide
Call my agent: Bollywood
Ancient inspector
Raincoat Killer: Chasing Predators in Korea

October 1
27 steps in May
42 (2013)
Anatomy (2000)
Barbie Big City Big Dreams
If you can, grab me
Evocation 2
Diana: The Musical
Forever summer
boxing Club
Flying (2012)
Always rich
Forrest Gump
Heat (1995)
Do you like Wednesday? : All European seasons
Love and other drugs
Love you to death
Maid: Limited Series
The monk goes down the mountain
The next karate kid
Now you see me
Oatmeal Studio: Season 1
White’s Spirit: Season 1
Scary Cat: Season 1
Song Fei: Four seasons
The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by the Light
She is like this
Confinement island
Evil Sect: Colonia Dignidad: Season 1
Twilight Saga: Solar Eclipse
Twilight Saga: New Moon
Wedding ring

October 2
SWAT: Four Seasons

October 3
Scissors Seven: Season 3
Coming summer

October 4
In my block: Season 4

October 5
Fleeing the mourners
Remember You: Season One

October 6
Bad Movement: Volume 1
Impossible to bake: Season 1, Six episodes
Five Juanas: Season 1
Love is blind: Brazil, Every week
Someone in your house

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October 7
Billion Dollar Code: Season 1
Sexy Beast: Season 2
The ingenuity of the housewife, New episode
The Way of the Master: Season 1, Part 2

October 8
Angelina (2021)
Family Business: Season 3
Secret House: Blarri’s Death
My brother, my sister
Pokémon Movie: Secrets of the Jungle
Quite smart: Season 1
The Story of Darkness and Green: Season 1

October 9
Blue Period: Season 1, New episode

October 11
Nanny Club: Season 2
The King’s Love: Season 1, New episode

October 12
Bright: Soul of the Samurai
Fusion: Courage in Crisis
Equalizer 2
Making Malinchi: Nacho Cano’s documentary
Powerful Express: Season 5
The Movie That Made Us: Season 3

October 13
Fever Dream (Distancia de Rescate)
Operation Hyacinth (Hiacynt)
Sivaji (2007)
The movie “Violet Evergarden”

October 14
3000 nights (2015)
Another life: Series 2
Virgin Mary (2015)
Divine intervention
The boundary between dream and fear
Chasing Soul (2017)
Maradona’s legs
Omar (2013)
One night in Paris
The salt of the sea
When i see you
A world without

October 15
CoComelon: Season 4
Death Note (2015): Season 1
Forgotten battle
The four of us
I am Mita, your housekeeper.
Karma’s World: Season 1
Killer under the bed
Trivia: Season 4
My name: Season One
only me
Over-protected Fragrant Sponge: Season 1
Beautiful proofreading: Season 1
Sharkdog’s Fantasy Halloween
The weakest beast: Season 1
You: Season 3

October 16
Misfit: Series: Season 1

October 18
Meeting Point (2021)

October 19
Gabi’s Doll House: Season 3
Murder (W jak morderstwo)

October 20
and the silent Bob reboot
stick together

October 21
After we fell
Cowboy Bebop (1998): Season 1
Toss a coin -ONE OK ROCK documentary-
Toot-Toot Cory Carson: Season 6
Insiders: Season 1
Comey Can’t Communicate: Season 1
Julian Bam’s life is a glitch: Season 1
Sex, Love, and Mucus: Season 1

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October 22
Adventure Beast: Season 1
Starting today, it’s my turn! !
Internal work: Part 1
Big mouth
Locke and the Key: Season 2
Maya and the Trio: Limited Series
MOCO’s Kitchen: Season 1
More than Blue: Series: Season 1
The Roaring Twenties: Season 1, Every week

October 23
Office (United States): Seasons 1-9

October 26
Gender: unzipped

October 27
No one is sleeping in the woods tonight
Sintonia: Season 2

October 28
Louis Miguel-Series: Season 3

October 29
and White Colin: Limited Series
Mythical Fanatics: Season 1
Time required: Season 1