Will Smith went to Netflix (again), this time John Wick Director. Netflix announced earlier on Wednesday that it has acquired the global rights to “Fast & Loose”, a new action thriller directed by David Leitch and starring Smith, which plays “Wake up in Tijuana People who don’t have any memories.” When he pieced together his past, he learned that he lived two lives: one is a crime boss, the other is an undercover agent of the CIA. It sounds a bit like Berne, but it’s like being in Mexico? Reach-also known for separating Hobbes and Shaw in “Atomic Blond”, “Deadpool 2” and “Fast and Furious”-will direct Scripts by Jon Hopper and Erich Hopper.

Deadline first brought the news that Fast & Loose was sold to Netflix, the world’s largest subscription-based video streaming service confirmed the news in about an hour. Deadline added that Netflix has been involved since Fast & Loose began sourcing from all major Hollywood companies in February, but the deal was not finalized until late July because Netflix “has already taken time to negotiate.”

Smith and Leitch will also serve as producers of Fast & Loose, along with Kelly McCormick of 87North, Ryan Shimazaki and James Lassiter of Westbrook Studios, and Jon Mone, co-president and film director. STXFilms-now merged with Eros International and operating as ErosSTX-is also the producer of Fast & Loose. There are currently no other actors associated with Fast & Loose, and there is no word on when the production will begin.

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Smith’s last appearance was in Sony Pictures’ global box office revenue of 426.5 million US dollars (about 31.75 billion rupees) in the trilogy “Bad Boys”. Next, he will be seen as King Richard, the nominal father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, and the Warner Bros. title will be released on HBO Max and in cinemas on November 19. Smith is currently filming the Apple TV+ slavery drama “Liberation”, which was sold to iPhone manufacturers for more than 120 million U.S. dollars (approximately Rs 8.93 billion). Smith’s previous main connection with Netflix was the fantasy action film “Bright”.

Reach’s latest film is “Hobbes and Shaw” by Dashi Johnson and Jason Statham-it earned more than US$760 million (approximately Rs 5,657 crore) at Universal Pictures’ global box office. His next feature-length directorial adventure is the action thriller Bullet Train, which discovers that five assassins on the Japanese bullet train find that their missions are interconnected. The bullet train consists of Brad Pitt, Joey King, Andrew Corgi, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Terry Henry, Zazi Bitts, Michael Shannon, Lady Gaga, Sanada Hiroyuki, Kay Starring Lun Fukuhara and Sandra Bullock. Sony Pictures has set the release date of the bullet train in April 2022.