Neil Druckmann revealed that the first season of “Last of Us” will cover the events of the original game of the same name. Druckmann is the author and director of the two games “Last of Us” and “Last of Us Part II”. The background expansion is set in 2033 after the end of the world, followed by the smuggler Joel and the teenage orphan Ellie (by Pedro Pascal and Bela Ramsey, respectively). Played by Bella Ramsey), they traveled from Boston to Salt Lake City on an off-road trip while fighting the zombies (they are said to be created due to the pandemic. The second part of “Our Last Part” is set four years later, and Follow Ellie on a revenge mission.

“We had a detailed conversation [that The Last of Us season 1 is going to be the first game,” Druckmann told IGN at SXSW 2021. “[For The Last of Us writer Craig Mazin and me, the philosophical underpinnings of the story] It is the basic element for correct adaptation.As for the superficial things, it should be [a character] Wear the same plaid shirt or the same red shirt? They may or may not appear in it. For us, this is less important than getting the core of these people and the core of their journey. “

In March last year, when the “The Last of Us” HBO series was initially released, there were reports that the series “will cover the events of the original game, […] And may provide other content based on the second part of “Our Last Part”. HBO has not renewed “Last of Us” for the second season, and given that the first season will adapt to all first games, it may eventually become a miniseries. Of course, this fate depends on HBO’s acceptance of “Our Cruelty”. The game is very important, commercial Click-through rate, which provides a good platform for HBO.

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Druckman also talked about the impact of translating games into TV: “Sometimes it’s still far away. It’s nice to see my conversations in HBO scripts. Sometimes they diverge greatly to achieve better results. Because we are using another medium. For example, in a game, you have to take too many actions to train the player about machinery. Compared to TV shows, you have to have more violence and more to some extent Glasses because you don’t need to train people how to use guns.”

“So it’s really completely different. HBO has played a huge role in pushing us to get rid of the hardcore action and focus more on the drama of the characters. So far, some of my favorite plots are very different from the story, and I can’t wait for people to see them. Up.”

HBO has not set a release date for “Last of Us”.